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A new software package for orbital dynamics. A working version of Mercury is now available for testing.

The package includes a new ``hybrid'' symplectic integrator capable of handling close encounters, described at the conference: The Impact of Modern Dynamics in Astronomy, Namur, Belgium (Chambers 1998).

Contact Information

NASA Ames Research Center
Mail Stop 245-3
Moffett Field
California 94035
(650) 604 5514
(650) 604 6779

Professional Experience and Education

1999 - present
NRC Research Associate, NASA/Ames Research Center, Moffett Field CA, USA, planetary accretion, formation of the asteroid belt and extra-solar planets.

1996 - 2001
Research Astronomer, Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland, UK, orbital dynamics and numerical integration techniques.

1994 - 1996
Postdoctoral fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington DC, USA, studying the late stages of terrestrial planet formation.

1992 - 1994
Predoctoral fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge MA, USA, working on the orbital dynamics of comets.

1990 - 1994
Ph.D. in astronomy, Manchester University, Manchester, UK.
Thesis title: The Dynamics of Halley-Type Comets.

1987 - 1990
B.A. in physics, University College, Oxford University, Oxford, UK.


Extrasolar Planets

Extrasolar Trojans: The Viability and Detectability of Planets in the 1:1 Resonance
G.Laughlin and J.E.Chambers (2002) Astronomical Journal,, in press.

A Dynamical Analysis of the 47 UMa Planetary System
G.Laughlin, J.E.Chambers and D.Fischer (2002) Astrophysical Journal,, submitted.

Short-Term Dynamical Interactions Among Extrasolar Planets
G.Laughlin and J.E.Chambers (2001) Astrophysical Journal Letters,, 551, L109-113.

Stability of the Orbits of Terrestrial Planets in the Habitable Zones of Known Exoplanetary Systems
B.W.Jones, P.N.Sleep and J.E.Chambers (2001) Astronomy & Astrophysics, 366, 254-262.

Terrestrial Planet Formation in Extrasolar Systems
J.E.Chambers (2000) Bull. American Astron. Soc., 32, 1050.

Planetary Systems

Planet V and the Origin of the Lunar Late Heavy Bombardment
J.E.Chambers, J.J.Lissauer and A.Morbidelli (2001) Bull. American Astron. Soc., 33, 1082.

Making More Terrestrial Planets
J.E.Chambers (2001) Icarus, 152, 205-224.

A Plausible Cause of the Late Heavy Bombardment
A.Morbidelli, J.-M.Petit, B.Gladman and J.E.Chambers (2001) Meteoritics, 36,371-380.

Comparing Planetary Accretion in Two and Three Dimensions
J.E.Chambers (2001) Icarus, 149, 262-276.

Source Regions and Timescales for the Delivery of Water on Earth
A.Morbidelli, J.Chambers, J.I.Lunine, J.M.Petit, F.Robert G.B.Valsecchi and K.E.Cyr (2000) Meteoritics, 35, 1309-1320.

N-Body Simulations of Planet Formation: Varying the Initial Number of Planetary Embryos.
J.E.Chambers (1998) Earth, Moon and Planets, 81, 3-6.
Postscript copy

How Special is Earth's Orbit?
J.E.Chambers (1998) Bull. American Astron. Soc., 30, 1051.

Making the Terrestrial Planets: N-Body Integrations of Planetary Embryos in Three Dimensions.
J.E.Chambers and G.W.Wetherill (1998) Icarus, 136, 304-327.
Postscript copy

Searching for Other Planetary Systems.
J.E.Chambers (1997) Stardust, (magazine of the Irish Astronomical Association), October 1997.
Postscript copy

The Stability of Multi-Planet Systems.
J.E.Chambers, G.W.Wetherill and A.P.Boss (1996) Icarus, 119, 261-268.
Postscript copy

N-Body Simulations of the Formation of the Inner Planets.
J.E.Chambers and G.W.Wetherill (1996) Bull. American Astron. Soc., 28, 1107-1108.

Numerical Integrations of the Accretion of Planetary Embryos.
J.E.Chambers and G.W.Wetherill (1996) Lunar & Plan. Sci., 27, 203.

N-Body Integrators

Symplectic Integrator Algorithms for Modelling Planetary Accretion in Binary Star Systems
J.E.Chambers, E.V.Quintana, M.J.Duncan and J.J.Lissauer (2002) Astronomical Journal, in press.

Pseudo-High-Order Symplectic Integrators.
J.E.Chambers and M.A.Murison (2000) Astronomical Journal, 119, 425-433.
Postscript copy

On Computer Algebra Generation of Symplectic Integrator Methods.
M.A.Murison and J.E.Chambers (1999) American Astronomical Society, DDA meeting 31, 08.03

A Symplectic Integration Scheme that Allows Close Encounters between Massive Bodies.
J.E.Chambers (1999) IAU Colloquium 172, `The Impact of Modern Dynamics in Astronomy, 449-450.
Postscript copy

A Hybrid Symplectic Integrator that Permits Close Encounters between Massive Bodies.
J.E.Chambers (1999) Monthly Notices of Royal Astron. Soc., 304, 793-799.
Postscript copy

Mercury - A New Software Package for Orbital Integrations.
J.E.Chambers and F.Migliorini (1997) Bull. American Astron. Soc., 29, 1024.


The Primordial Excitation and Clearing of the Asteroid Belt.
J.-M.Petit, A.Morbidelli and J.E.Chambers (2001) Icarus, 153, 338-347.

Planets in the Asteroid Belt.
J.E.Chambers and G.W.Wetherill (2001) Meteoritics, 36, 381-400.

Planets in the Asteroid Belt.
J.E.Chambers (1999) Bull. American Astron. Soc., 31,

Planetary Formation and Asteroid Excitation.
J.-M.Petit, A.Morbidelli and J.E.Chambers (1999) Bull. American Astron. Soc., 31,

Numerical Integration Study of Primordial Clearing of the Asteroid Belt.
G.W.Wetherill and J.E.Chambers (1997) Lunar and Plan. Sci., 28, 1547.

Numerical Integration Study of Earth Impact by Meteoroids from the 3:1 Resonance.
G.W.Wetherill and J.E.Chambers (1997) Lunar and Plan. Sci., 28, 1545.


Why Halley-Types Resonate but Long-Period Comets Don't.
J.E.Chambers (1997) Icarus, 125, 32-38.
Postscript copy

The Long-Term Dynamical Evolution of Comet Swift-Tuttle.
J.E.Chambers (1995) Icarus, 114, 372-386.

A Simple Mapping for Comets in Resonance.
J.E.Chambers (1993) Celestial Mechanics & Dynamical Astronomy, 57, 131-136.

Transfer Probabilities between Jupiter and Saturn-family Orbits: Application to 1992 AD = 5145.
M.E.Bailey, J.E.Chambers, G.Hahn, J.Scotti and G.Tancredi (1992) Proceedings of the 30th Liège International Astrophys. Coll., Liège, Belgium, eds. A.Brahic et al., 285-287.

The Origin of Sungrazers: A Frequent Cometary Endstate.
M.E.Bailey, J.E.Chambers and G.Hahn (1992) Astronomy & Astrophysics, 257, 315-322.


Fractionated Accretion and the Solar Neutrino Problem.
C.S.Jeffery, M.E.Bailey and J.E.Chambers (1997) The Observatory, 117, 224-228.

Is Pluto a Major Planet?
D.W.E.Green, J.E.Chambers and G.V.Williams (1994) Sky & Telescope, August 1994.

Detection of Comet Nuclei at Large Heliocentric Distances.
M.E.Bailey, J.E.Chambers and G.Hahn (1992) Monthly Notices of Royal Astron. Soc., 254, 581--588.

To read the abstracts of these and other fascinating papers check out NASA's ADS Abstract Service.

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