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Gavin Ramsay
Armagh Observatory
College Hill
N Ireland
BT61 9DG
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Much of my work over the last decade has involved photometric surveys such as RATS, RATS-Kepler and OmegaWhite which identified stars which vary in their intensity of short periods. These surveys are called `synoptic' photometric surveys which implies a general summary of the photometric properties of objects. What we did in these surveys was take a series of short exposures (30 sec) of the same field for 2 hrs or so. We then search for objects which vary in the brightness. Easier said than done!

For our work on the Kepler field we used the INT to identify potential targets to observe using the Kepler satellite. We observed quite a few delta Sct stars using Kepler and the image below gives a nice view of these stars observed using Kepler. We show only 1 day of data and the period increases as you move down the plot.

Armagh is also a member of the GOTO consortium which will be building a facility whose aim is to identify the optical counterpart of gravitational wave events which are expected to be detected using Ligo and Virgo.