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Cataclysmic Variables (CVs)

A large proportion of my research activity has concentrated on Cataclysmic Variables. These are binary stars made up of a White Dwarf and a late-type star orbiting around each other on a timescale of a handful of hours and less. A good introduction can be found at the MSSL Begininers guide to CVs.

I used to keep a page at MSSL which listed all the known polars. This page and been moved, here, to Armagh although it needs updating. Recently I've been using data from the Kepler/K2 satellite to study various CVs.

At Goddard Koji Mukai keeps a similar set of pages for intermediate polars.

There are so many different combinations of binaries - different types of stellar components - magnetic field/no magnetic field, that its sometimes difficult to remember what they're all called. This table might be able to clarify things.