The meteor work of Ernst Opik at Armagh Observatory
J. McFarland and D. Asher
Proc. Int. Meteor Conf., Armagh 2010, ed. D.J. Asher, A.A. Christou, P. Atreya & G. Barentsen, IMO, 67-72 (2011)

Ernst Opik was one of the principal organizers of the Harvard-Cornell Arizona Expedition for the Study of Meteors in the early 1930s. Opik took the lead in the analysis of the observations, first at Tartu Observatory and finally at Armagh Observatory. We present here details of the observational method employed, a summary of the main results on meteor radiants, velocities, heights and directions, a description of the Vibrating Meteor Camera devised later by Opik at Armagh, and some personal recollections about Opik by one of the authors.

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