Faulkes Telescope Observations

Asteroids and Comets

Over the course of a week two secondary students James Hadnett and Liam Fields observed NEAs using one of two 2-Metre telescopes courtesy of the Faulkes Telescope Project which are positioned in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. This was made possible with the aid of Las Cumbres Observatory who, with their Global Telescope Network, give educational establishments the chance to observe with a high grade telescope. One of the NEAs that were observed was an asteroid which may become the focus of NASA's possible 2020 mission to observe the Asteroid, 2002 GT, with their DEEP IMPACT probe. The NEAs and comet were processed using Astrometrica and the results sent to The Minor Planet Center. Pictured below is a two frame animation of Comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) taken from Hawaii's Faulkes Telescope.

Comet C/2012 F6 (Lemmon) observed on 2013 July 1st. Images obtained using the Faulkes Telescope North, operated by Las Cumbres Observatory.

2013 July 5th

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Last Revised: 2013 July 5th