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2006 OCTOBER: lte-codes-2.1
OP opacities are included in Spectrum and Sfit. New commands added. Private versions only. OP version of STERNE and more robust verson of SFIT are in the pipeline.

2006 MARCH - lte-codes-1.5
A number of minor updates and bug fixes. Inclusion of "autodoc", in-house self-documenting software.
NB This is likely to be the last public release of a major version for some time.
New physics (OP continuous opacities, opacity sampling, diffusion, tetrahedralization) and methods are being incorporated into all codes.

2004 OCTOBER - sfit 2.5
A complete overhaul of the command syntax provides (a) many new commands, (b) multiple commands per line, (c) limited argument handling, (d) macros, to simplify operation of the programme

The last SFIT news bulletin was issued in 2002 September. Since then, the Observatory alphas have gone, desktop CPU speeds have trebled and we are preparing for the arrival of a 30x3.2GHz cluster.

To simplify distribution and maintenance, the entire program installation philosophy has been overhauled. Together, STERNE, SPECTRUM and SFIT form the major components of this package, known as LTE-CODES. Distribution is by means of a gzipped tarball, "automake" and "autoconf" are used to build and install the component packages and subroutine libraries. rpms for selected platforms can be provided on request.

All three codes continue to be upgraded. The elimination of minor bugs and the introduction of better convergence criteria to STERNE, as well as its implementation on the Armagh CONDOR cluster, have enabled an extensive grid of model atmospheres to be established. Theroetical high-resolution blue-visual spectra for all models in the grid can be inspected graphically. The highly complex multi-mode nature of SFIT has been recognised and measures are being taken to validate as many modes as possible, and to provide operational and better documented examples.

2002 SEP 11 - SFIT2 Method "genetic" implemented for solve, not synth.

2002 SEP 10 - Alpha version of SFIT2 completed. Method "genetic" and commands "vcorr" and "trim" are not yet implemented.

2002 SEP 4 - Development of SFIT2 - a merger of SFIT and SFIT_SYNTH, has begun

2002 SEP 2 - The Levenburg - Marquardt method has been verified within SFIT and now seems to give meaningful results.

2002 AUG 30 - A feature of SPEC_TGHV_BIN designed to prevent unnecessary recalculation of the interpolatd spectrum and deriviatives proved to be too severe and was preventing convergence to appropriate values.

2002 AUG 29 - A factor five increase in performance has been acheived by omitting the computation of derivatives during the execution of the AMOEBA search procedure.