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C.S. Jeffery, D. Schönberner, U. Heber, 1974-2002

LTE line-blanketed model atmospheres for hot stars

Plane-parallel line-blanketed model atmospheres for hot stars, Teff>8000K, in local thermal, radiative and hydrostatic equilibrium. Atomic bound-free opacities are treated as in ATLAS, supplemented by additional tables for C, C+, C++, C+++, N, N+, N++, N+++ (Peach 1970). Line opacities are treated using odf's as in ATLAS6. The code handles extremely H-deficient mixtures and composition stratification. A grid of model atmospheres computed using Sterne is available.


Sterne [control [odf [interval [model] ] ] ]

control file containing parameters for required model
odf file containing opacity distribution function
interval frequency interval for wavelengths: BIG or LIT
model file containing starting model
The contents of the file control is described in the reference guide. If control is omitted, information not provided on the command line will be requested by the script. Output files are constructed by appending a label to the string control.

Additional Commands

Sterne.input Teff logg nH nHe nC nN grey datfile

Sets up a file datfile containing the required model parameters and which may be used as the input file control. datfile odf

Takes the output from sterne stored in datfile and computes final model using a LIT interval opacity distribution function odf.


Formats output for use with DIPSO and spectrum.


Sterne.input 20000 4.0 0.9 0.1 0.004 0.006 0 lte2040
Sterne lte2040 dfbp00 BIG lte2040 dflp00



Sterne.2.4 (Default)


A new version developed by Paul Harrison and Simon Jeffery (St Andrew and Armagh) includes provision for

The OP opacities are still being tested, and the opacity sampling code is still under development.


Another version developed by Paul Harrison (St Andrews and Armagh) includes a more stable and faster temperature correction procedure, and a completely rebuilt internal structure. This is not yet operational.
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