SPECTRUM v1 - Input Syntax

The main input to SPECTRUM has been changed to allow a more flexible definition of some of the many options and to enable the elements of the code to be used in a more versatile way. Until now (version 1), input has consisted of a series of responses to prompts given in a strict order. However, the program is now rarely used interactively, but from scripts using prepared "standard" input files. The strict formatting of these files makes them unintelligible and the addition of new data inputs, options, etc., difficult. For example the mode of operation currently depends on the sign of certain data inputs! Consequently a more user friendly inteface is being developed.

For the time being, both old and new style input will be recognised. The way in which input is interpreted depends on the initial control line. If this begins with a zero, e.g.

0 0 0 0
the new commands will be available (see version 3), otherwise input will be accepted as before, although some of the newer options will not be available.

Program Options - Version 1

Data input following the old style must begin

nmod nskip wavmax nsource

with nmod>0.

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