Examples - new style

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Synthetic spectra over substantial wavelength intervals

This is the state of the art option (which usually means it is the most bug-ridden), and is comparatively liable to be upgraded, debugged and generally messed around. For a given model atmosphere, the user may either define a new wavelength grid, given a linelist, or may use a previously defined wavelength grid and linelist.

In the original version (MODE=10) the newly-generated grid assumes solar abundances for all species. These can be modified in the stored grid for subsequent use. This grid can also be edited to compute spectra for multiples sets of abundances, but the i/o preparation is done line by line.

With MODE=11, the abundances of all species can be defined when the grid is setup (solar values are still the default). The wavelength grid definition is sufficiently improved (and computers are now so much faster) that I generally always set up a new grid each time and the following dialogue is pretty well standard.

 0 0 0 0           
nmod 1            ! 1 model 
nhedat 2          ! choose HeI line brodening 
nsource 3         ! Feautrier solution
mode 11
1                 ! define grid (y/n)
4000 4500         ! wstart, wend
14  8.0           ! z, [Z]    ! set individual abundances
16  7.5           ! z, [Z]
0   0             ! ....... ok
2                 ! nvt
0   10            ! vt(1:nvt)

WARNING: MODE=10 and the practice of saving the wavelength grid and linelist for manual editing is obsolete.