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SPECTRUM - command summary

General Commands

echo [ off | 0 | 1 | 2 | on ] : adjust i/o level
debug [ mn | wh | in | ln | op | at | md | ou | ot ] : adjust debug level
check : confirm settings
qub : original version -- use numerical options (deprecated)
end, exit, q : finish work

Parameter Definition

nsource <n> : choice of source function (def: 3=Feautrier)
noptype <n> : choice of continuous opacity (def: 1=Kiel)
nhedat <nhedat> : choice of HeI data (BCS or Mon treal) (def: 1=BCS)
nhestark <nhestark> : choice of HeI Stark coef ficients (def: 2)
ntheta <ntheta> : number of angles for specific intensity (def: 0)
costheta <mu1> <mu2> <mu3> ...<mun>: list of cosine angles for intensities
costmin <mumin> : minimum cosine angles for intensity

[ nmode <nmode> : mode of operation -- Redundant ]

Model Atmosphere Input

read_model <filename>: read model atmosphere in QUB/STERNE2 format
read_sterne <filename> : read model atmosphere in STERNE3 format
read_hydro <filename> : read model atmosphere in read one set of hydrodynamic scalings

Atomic Data

read_lines <filename> : read in linelist
line_threshold <value> : reject lines weaker than ~?? mA
wavmax <w_max> : distance from line centre to compute
wtol : identify lines and blends within this tolerance


abund <z> <n_z> : element abundance
abfrac <z> <n_z> : fractional abundance for element
ablog <z> <n_z> : log fractional abundance for element
abmodel : define abundances from input model
Default for all elements -- solar abundance. All elements scaled to iron unless specified explicitly.

Velocities, etc.

vturb <vturb> : microturbulent velocity (km/s)
nvturb <nvt> : number of points in τ-dependent vturb
vtrb_tau <see help> : values of τ,vturb for τ-dependent vturb
vrad <vrad> : radial velocity (km/s)
nvrad <n_vr> : number of points in τ-dependent vrad
vrad_tau <see help> : values of τ,vrad for τ-dependent vrad
tau_exp <n> : increase resolution of optical depth scale by adding additional points
tauscale <ntau> <see help>: rescale the optical depth scale using <ntau> new depth points
taulogsc <ntau> <see help> : rescale the optical depth scale using <ntau> new depth points given as logs

Radiative Transfer

calc_prof <z> <wl> <ab> <v_t> : compute line profile for single line or blend
calc_abund <z> <wl> <ew> <v_t> : compute abundance from equivalent width
calc_synth <w_min> <w_max> : compute synthetic spectrum in given wavelength interval
calc_lines <w_min> <w_max> : compute equivalent widths for all lines in given wavelength interval

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