SFIT: Latest News

2002 SEP 11 - SFIT2 Method "genetic" implemented for solve, not synth.

2002 SEP 10 - Alpha version of SFIT2 completed. Method "genetic" and commands "vcorr" and "trim" are not yet implemented.

2002 SEP 4 - Development of SFIT2 - a merger of SFIT and SFIT_SYNTH, has begun

2002 SEP 2 - The Levenburg - Marquardt method has been verified within SFIT and now seems to give meaningful results.

2002 AUG 30 - A feature of SPEC_TGHV_BIN designed to prevent unnecessary recalculation of the interpolatd spectrum and deriviatives proved to be too severe and was preventing convergence to appropriate values.

2002 AUG 29 - A factor five increase in performance has been acheived by omitting the computation of derivatives during the execution of the AMOEBA search procedure.