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SCL Spectrum Commands

Interim Commands used in SFIT

spc_... <p1> : Define parameters controlling operation of SPECTRUM

When using synth, SFIT uses a callable version of SPECTRUM to compute a synthetic spectrum on the fly. This program requires a large number of inputs and has many modes of operation. These are controlled by a number of switches. They may be set within the spectrum context by giving any or all of the switch names and their values. Briefly, these refer to the type of spectrum to be computed, the method of calculation of the source function, the number of anges if specific intensities are to be computed, the choice of continuous opacity subroutine library, the broadening data for HeI lines and the approximation ito be used for untabulated diffuse HeI lines. They should be changed only with extreme caution. Refer to the SPECTRUM documentation for more information.

spc_nsource <nsource> : Switch for method used to compute source function (def: 3)
spc_nmode <nmode> : Switch for Spectrum mode of operation (def: 11)
spc_ntheta <ntheta> : Number of angles at which specific intensity is to be computed (def: 0)
spc_noptyp <noptyp> : Switch for choice of continuous opacities (QUB/KIEL/OP) (def: 1=KIEL)
spc_nhedat <nhedat> : Switch for choice of HeI data (BCS or Montreal) (def: 1=BCS)
spc_nhestark <nhestark> : Switch for choice of HeI Stark coefficients (def: 2)