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Computing model atmosphere grids with Sterne and Spectrum

M15 @ Armagh

M15 is Dell Power Edge with 16 cores x [ x86_64 x 2.6GHz x 4GB ],
and 5 TB disk space.

First, login to m15, and then follow a sequence similar to the following...,

cd /data1/lte-models
ls # look around !
cd 2016.pg0909n276
ls # look around !

The folder name should either represent a parameterized composition (e.g. h90he10p00), or be customized to specific star (e.g. e.g. v652her). The year is useful for tracking down data subsequently !
I strongly recommend users building their grids in this folder structure and follow the conventions outlined here, This will facilitate debugging and check for possible grid duplications.

vi Stn[PG0909] # (or use whichever editor you are able)

This is the master file for submitting a condor batch of Sterne models ... hence Stn...
I suggest making the name reflect the folder name in some way. Edit the default composition
Make sure the last “custom mixture” defined is what you want.

You might want to reduce the temperature gravity grid, before running a full grid depending on how confident you are about having the right Teff, log g. and/or slecting other options.
Note the following code extract from Sterne, which shows how elements other than H, He, C and N are currently scaled to the input values for Mg, S, Ca and Fe ( but note that StnPG0909 thinks it is using Si -- I think there is a minor bug )

! Li, Be, B, O, Mg, Al, Si, S, Ca and Fe are given relative to "solar" on input
! Propagate these values to other elements
ALPMET(3:5) = ALPMET(12) !! scaled to Mg
ALPMET(9:11) = ALPMET(12) !! scaled to Mg
ALPMET(15) = ALPMET(16) !! scaled to S
ALPMET(17:25) = ALPMET(20) !! scaled to Ca
ALPMET(27:80) = ALPMET(26) !! scaled to Fe

./StnPG0909 # to submit the grid

Some condor commands:
condor_q # to inspect the queue
condor_rm jw # to remove all your current job

Once the models are computed, you have to compute the formal solutions with SpcPG0909

vi Spc[PG0909]

The wavelengh range label [wr], mixture label [mix] and microturbulent velocity [vt] need to match the name of a spc file: [wr]_[mix]_[vt].spc
Check the teff and grav grid matches what you computed with StnPG0909.
Don't run this until Stn[PG0909] is finished.

vi [wr]_[mix]_[vt].spc

you can customize this file by adding additional abundance commands after the abmodel line
which literally takes the composition computed by the model.
You also need to check that a suitable linelist exists called gf_[wr].lte

./SpcPG0909 # to submit the grid

Once you have done all that , you have to get the useful outputs to where you are doing your model fitting

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Last modified: 19-Oct-2016