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LTE-CODES issues

This page outlines current issues with the LTE-CODES and the likely upgrade tasks. In general, it does not give any target dates. It was last updated on Wed Oct 20 11:01:51 BST 2004.

LTE-CODES - Overall package development

Online Docs + Examples
Repackage new distribution   22 October 2004
SFIT 2.6:
Inline Help ?

SFIT 2.7
Dynamic arrays for models

SFIT 3.0
Merge TFIT with SFIT ?

sfit 3.0
AutoDoc -- drm in progress
SFIT 4.0
Graphics - PGPLOT ?



sterne 3.0
spectrum ???

SPECTRUM - issue list

11. abundance input -- more methods.

13. help command
14. model -- change in program
15. linelist -- define in program

16. check for UV HeI, HeII lines.
17. effective resolution at FUSE wavelengths is too low. Increase permissible wavelength sampling.

18. Problem with number of wavelengths exceeding 40000....??
KW = 300000 so don't understand.
Do rebuild.
19. What should we do about air and vacuum wavelengths over the 2000A cutoff ?

7. Run spectrum in unique temp folder
3. Add high-order H lines
13. Add remaining HeII lines
5. Various convolution procedures
(v_rot, von Zeippel, pulsation?
6. File formats. -- see SDF, HDX, VOTable, XML
8. Longer Filenames
9. synth > print out the linelist in same format as read in -- with test line opacity
10. Temperature/density perturbations

12. HeII lines in high T look as though they are not being correctly interpolated.

1. Treat longer linelists -- more frequency points. Use new default list. DONE
2. Read model before linelist, and do preselection of list. DONE
4. Add depth-dependent turbulent and radial velocities. DONE

SFIT - issue list

vsini errors too large ?
vrad errors too small ?