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1. Setting up your folders
2. Obtaining the software
3. Building subroutine libraries
4. Building spectrum
5. Building sterne
6. Subroutine library index

6. Subroutine Library Index

at f77atomic data manipulation
bb f77sternebb opacity sampling
chr f77Starlink's character handling library
dp f77spectrumSPECTRUM subroutines
gx f77A personal GraphiX library
mathf77General mathematical operations
mx f77Matrix operators
nr_df77numerical subroutines - double precision
nr f77numerical subroutines - single precision
opk f77sterne/spectrumKiel/Atlas/Peach bf opacities
op f77sterne/spectrumOpacity Project bf opacities
photf95ffitphotometry from models
physf77starmakerstellar physics (equation of state, nuclear reactions, opacity, convection
proff77profilespectroscopy reduction and analysis
qub f77spectrumQUB/Atlas bf opacities
rot f77rotprofrotating stars
rtf f77spectrum/sterneradiative transfer
sdb f77spectroscopy data base tools
stn f77sterneSTERNE subroutines
str f77I/O, String and Command Handling
tap f77Theoretical AstroPhysics Library
tap_f90f90Theoretical AstroPhysics Library
utilf77profileold version of str
xfitf77ffit/sfitflux and spectrum fitting
Programs in libraries nr and nr_d are based on code from Numerical Recipes (Press et al., 1989, Cambridge). They have been expressed in my own distinct implementation. Only subroutines required by my own applications programs are available.

Detailed reports describing bugs in the download/installation procedure or in the software itself will be welcome and should be addressed to Simon Jeffery at the address below.

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