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1. Setting up your folders
2. Obtaining the software
3. Building subroutine libraries
4. Building spectrum
5. Building sterne
6. Subroutine library index

4. Installation instructions for SPECTRUM

Alpha only. To build you will require:

application package: spectrum

software libraries: dp qub opk2 op tap chr rtf nr nr_d str math -- or -- pack

Once you have obtained all of these and installed all of the subroutine libraries successfully, you can attempt to build it:
cd /home/friday/spectrum; make; make install

If you get to here without problems, it will be a miracle. The makefile may also work for atlas and generate, but I so rarely use these that I don't know what will happen.

For a potted history of what's been happening to the code over the last few years see /home/friday/spectrum/doc/

User Instructions are given elsewhere.

Detailed reports describing bugs in the download/installation procedure or in the software itself will be welcome and should be addressed to Simon Jeffery at the address below.

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