IDL Procedures

FAST: Fourier analysis of spectroscopic timeseries

Major procedures

Common blocks

Primitive Routines

A typical sequence for reading and setting up data, setting up a template, cross-correlating and analysing the resultant velocity shifts, total absorption light curve and might look as follows.

; read in and prepare the 2d spectra for analysis
fitsdata / brucedata

; compute cross-correlations, clean velocity curve and analyse

; analyse equivalent width variations

; analyse light curve

The procedures are all interconnected and entirely experimental, so you will have to figure out why it breaks and fix it for yourself.

Miscellaneous routines

Selected DIPSO tools

readxy, writexy, resample, qqsm, rxr, ryr, sp2rd, sp2wr, vcorr, xcorr

IDLINES for identifying spectral lines

Positions and relative strengths of atomic lines are marked against a plot showing stellar spectrum and (if present) a theoretical model.
idlines, readspec, readspecfit, readlines, markspec, markion

UCLES order merging tools

merge_ucles, ucles-read, ucles_norm, ucles_resample, ucles_merge, ucles_exam

MSST 4m analysis procedures