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Apostolos Christou

Contact Details

I am a Research Astronomer at Armagh Observatory

My Research Interests

My research focuses on the small bodies of the solar system, from the very small meteoroids that give rise to shooting stars in the night sky to the much larger asteroids, comets and planetary satellites. I am studying their origin, evolution and interrelations.

Recent highlights of my research include:

Trojans and horseshoes are special cases of the more general class of "coorbital" asteroids. For the nitty-gritty of coorbital dynamics, you can look up these seminar slides .

A short Curriculum Vitae

My Publications

My Talks

Involvement in Planetary Missions

BEAGLE 2: Mars Express cruise trajectory design, ESS UV sensor observations of Phobos eclipses
SMART-1 (D-CIXS): Lunar observation orbit optimization, Cruise observations of comets

Fun stuff

Visit the Martian Astronomy site.

My astrophotography escapades.

The art of Astrodynamics: a short primer on how to go from A to B in the Solar System

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