The Lobby Display Area

Use your mouse to look around and up and down.

This room was added in 1827 and included a sliding shutter arrangement in the roof to allow observations to be made with the Mural Circle. The windows on the north and south sides gave the astronomer views of the North and South Meridian Markers to enable him to align his instrument.

Starting from the Mural Circle, the large circular brass instrument, and moving clockwise (left to right) you can see the following (click on a thumbnail for more information);

The Mural Circle by Thomas Jones
Below and in front of the Mural Circle is JLE Dreyer's copy of the New General Catalogue (NGC)
and the Observatory Medal by Mossop minted in 1789 to commemorate the founding of the Observatory
On the small table is an Electric Chronograph by Knoblich
The clock is Earnshaw No. II by Thomas Earnshaw
Past the door is the Reversing Aparatus for a Transit Instrument by Adams
And further on is the Transit Instrument by Jones
On the table at the window is a nineteenth century book of observations made at the Observatory and a copy of the "Armagh Catalogue of 5345 Stars" by TRR Robinson
In the corner is a Portable Altazimuth Telescope by Gilkerson

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Last Revised: 2015 January