Supervision and Assessment

Each postgraduate student will normally be assigned a first supervisor who will be a senior member of the Armagh Observatory research staff, and a second supervisor who will normally be a full-time academic member of the University where the student is registered. Performance will be assessed around the middle of the first year, and the assessment used to inform the differentiation process from MPhil. to PhD.

In addition to meeting the regulations of the university at which students are registered, the Armagh Observatory postgraduate programme includes training in research methodology (e.g. literature searches, use of computer databases, writing papers etc.), and the development of communication skills through the presentation of informal talks and colloquia.

Students are obliged to attend the Armagh Observatory seminar programme and astronomical discussion meetings, which together provide at approximately weekly intervals an introduction to a wide range of new astronomical results and concepts. Students must also attend training courses at the University of their enrolment.

Students are also required to comply with all Observatory policies, rules and regulations, details of which will be provided by the Observatory Administration at the commencement of the studentship.

Last Revised: 2015 November 23rd