From: TerryMoselat

Subject: Breaking News: Dark Matter detected?

Date: 18 October 2014 14:56:55 BST

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Breaking News:


This is WAY outside my 'comfort zone', but surely if these particles are being created in significant quantities in our Sun, there's something wrong with the 'energy budget' of the theories of nuclear energy we've been using all along? In other words, where is the excess energy to produce these axions coming from?


And, sticking my neck out so far that my head is likely to fall off, if they ARE being produced in the Sun, and they do interact with magnetic fields, could they explain the problem of the extremely high temperature in the Sun's corona, which also has a magnetic field?


Other items:


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Mars - A step too far for now? I'm with 'my friend Chris' on this one!


The 'Mysterious Secret Spy Spacecraft' has landed after 2 years in space:



Special Lawrence Krauss lecture at QUB, 22 October: "Cosmic Connection: from the Big Bang to life on Earth and Beyond."

(This lecture is now fully booked. BUT you can get your name put on the waiting list for cancellations, no-shows etc.  Go to, and the top news link, beside the book snapshot 

   Taking advantage of the visit to Belfast by world famous cosmologist Lawrence Krauss (see earlier bulletin), the IAA is teaming up with the Astrophysics Research Centre at QUB (to which sincere thanks are due) to present a public lecture by Ptof Krauss in the 'Michael West' series, on 22 October.  

   Time 7.30 p.m., in Larmor Lecture Theatre, QUB. Free admission but by email ticket application only. 

    Lawrence Krauss is a renowned cosmologist, and author of many best-selling books such as "The Fifth Essence" (Dark Matter); "The Physics of Star Trek"; "A Universe From Nothing"; "Quintessence, The Search For Missing Mass In The Universe", "Beyond Star Trek"; "Atom: An Odyssey from the Big Bang to Life on Earth...and Beyond"; and many articles in various science journals. He is also the ONLY physicist to have received awards from all three of the major American Physics Societies. See:

   By coincidence, this story on dark matter broke recently: Intuitively, I like it, although the science is of course totally beyond me!


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