From: TerryMoselat

Date: 24 April 2009 02:45:39 BST

Subject: Sad death, IYA at Castle Archdale, Solstice Astroarchaeology, BCO, Moon Atlas

Hi all, 


1. NEIL BONE, 1959 - 2009, It's with great regret that I must inform you of the sad and untimely death of Dr Neil Bone, in hospital, after a period of illness. Neil was well known in Britain & Ireland as an author, lecturer and broadcaster. He gave his first lecture here to the IAA in Belfast about 20 years at my invitation, and since then he has lectured to several other clubs, and star parties, here.

   Neil was best known as an expert on meteors, and was Director of the Meteor Section of the BAA for many many years. He wrote an excellent book simply entitled 'Meteors' in 1993, and another entitled "The Aurorae" in 1994, followed by "Observing Meteors, Comets, Supernova and other Transient Phenomena" in 1999. I treasure my autographed copies of each, and often refer to them.

   He appeared regularly on The Sky At Night, and was a regular contributor to "Astronomy Now", and did the Meteor notes every year in the BAA Handbook. Visitors to "Astrofest" in London regularly saw him at the BAA Stand. Neil was quiet and unassuming, but always very helpful, and will be sorely missed.

   Our sympathy goes to his wife Gina and the rest of his family.


2. IAA EVENT for IYA2009 at CASTLE ARCHDALE, Co Fermanagh.

The IAA's next event for IYA 2009 will be at Castle Archdale Country Park, near Irvinestown, on Sat 23 May. This is a fabulous location, so mark the date in your diaries now, and try to come along. It starts at 14.00, with solar observing if clear, an exhibition, talks, shows in a mobile planetarium, and continues with more of the same and night sky observing that evening, if the sky is clear. More details later, but keep the date free.



The IAA will be holding a joint event with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency "Archaeology Days" and the Ulster Archaeology Society:

   It will be held at the An Creagan centre, on the A505 Cookstown to Omagh Road. It will feature the superb IYA "From The Earth To The Universe" exhibition, talks by an astronomer and an archaeologist, followed by a visit to the nearby amazing and fascinating Beaghmore Stone Circles and Stone Row alignments. There are many interesting alignments, mainly in the general direction of the Summer Solstice sunrise.  You may have seen Yours Truly talking about this site, (and Copney - see below) in "Hidden Heritage" on UTV on 6 April.

   We may also be able to visit another nearby site, the Copney Stone Circles, more recently uncovered, and also featured on that TV programme. However, this site is not officially open to the public, so negotiations on that are still ongoing.

   We will meet at An Creagan at 12.00 for lunch, followed by the main event, and as 21 June is also Father's day we need to book seats at the restaurant ASAP.

   So please let me know by return if you plan to attend and wish to book a meal in the restaurant.

   We will also be mounting an IYA 2009 Astronomy poster exhibition at the centre for at least one week before the event.

   More details later, but


 4. BCO: For the latest IYA2009 Events at Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, see:, or email: infoat Blackrock Castle Observatory, Blackrock Castle, Castle Road, Blackrock, Cork. Tel:  +353 (0) 21 435 791


5. NEW MOON ATLAS: This may be of interest: "I have just launched a New Moon Atlas

It's full of details, has a great index of nearly 3000 features on the Moon, and is professionally printed. John. See: "


Clear skies,


Terry Moseley