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From: TerryMoselat signaol.com
Date: 28 October 2007 01:00:28 Oct 2007
Subject: Comet Holmes, IAA Lecture, Planetarium

Hi all,

1. Comet Holmes continues to be one of the most amazing & fascinating
comets ever observed. It is still a bright naked-eye object in Perseus,
above magnitude 3, and now appearing distinctly 'fuzzy' even without
optical aid. In my 10x50 binocs it appears as an almost spherical
yellowish disc, brighter towards the centre. In my 25x100s, it looks
like a faint distant tailless comet - except that it's so bright! In a
telescope, more detail can be seen, with a bright 'nucleus' (not the
actual nucleus which is too small to be seen) offset to one side. Any
McCrea reports a greenish colour. While it does not look as spectacular
as Hale-Bopp, remember that this object brightened by a factor of almost
a million in a period of around 24 hours! You can find it just east of
Mirfak, or Alpha Persei. A chart and recent photos are on
www.spaceweather.com and Armagh Observatory.

2. The next IAA public lecture will be on Wednesday 31 October, when the
far from ghostly Dr Andy McCrea will give a talk entitled "Andy's
Amazing American Astronomical Adventures!" Andy visited many of the
great observatories on America's West Coast, saw the Total Lunar
Eclipse, and the brief but intense display of the Aurigid meteors. Not
to mention other adventures which I would be too ashamed to recount, but
I know that Andy is less reticent! A very enjoyable evening awaits us,
I'm sure. Admission free as always, including light refreshments.    NB:
some people had trouble accessing the lift last time, but I am told that
this problem has now been resolved. VENUE: Bell Lecture Theatre, Physics
Building, Main Campus, QUB. Start PROMPTLY at 7.30 p.m.    All welcome.


On Halloween evening Armagh Planetarium is hosting a night of Stars and
Spooks and ghostly goings on for the whole family. Visitors can tremble
in their seats as they view some of the most terrifying objects in the
night sky in our Halloween Show. Little monsters of all ages will enjoy
taking part in our interactive spooky storytelling session, and there
are even some creepy crafts to make and take home. Prizes will also be
awarded to the scariest Halloween costume on the night in our fancy
dress competition. So why not come along to see the Stars and Spooks
this Halloween  if you dare.

Opening times 7 pm - 9 pm 
Digital Theatre Show 7.30 pm (Suitable for family groups) 
Booking is Essential 
Tel: 028 3752 3689  

Armagh Planetarium is open from Mon 29th Oct   Sat 3rd Nov 2007 
Daily opening hours:   

For further information and a list of show times visit
Booking is Essential 
Tel: 028 3752 3689

Adults                                           £6.00 per show 
Children (under 16) / Senior Citizens (65 yrs +) £5.00 per show 
Family Concession Rate                          £18 (for maximum 2 adults plus 3 children) 
Group Rates (more than 20 people)                £5.00 per person 
Exhibition Area Only                             £2.00 per person

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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