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From: TerryMoselat signaol.com
Date: 12 October 2007 01:47:12 Oct 2007
Subject: Comet Loneos, IAS & IAA Talks, ISU, Catch A Star,  Dave Grennan, WSP

Hi all,

1. Comet LONEOS (2007 F1 LONEOS) is now brightening nicely in the
evening skies, now in Eastern Coma, & moving from Coma into Bootes on 17
October, when it will lie 9 degrees due West of Arcturus, at about
magnitude 4.3. But it's low down as the sky darkens, so catch it before
it sinks lower into the evening haze. Details are on

2. IAS LECTURE: Current IFAS Chairman Michael O'Connell of TAS will give
a lecture on 15 October at 8 p.m. in Dunsink Observatory, Castleknock,
Dublin, entitled "Our Sun, Our Star". Plenty of free parking available.
Free admission, but no children under 12 allowed.

3. IAA LECTURE: Prof Alan Fitzsimmons of the Dept of Physics,
 Astrophysics & Planetary Science, QUB, will give a public lecture on
Wed 17 October, at 7.30 p.m., in the Bell Lecture Theatre, Physics
Building, Queen's University, Belfast. The lecture is entitled
"Pan-STARRS: The Largest Digital Camera in the World". Prof Fitzsimmons
will describe the ultimate astronomical camera, outline what research it
will be used for, and what results can be expected.

4. ISU FULL TUITION AWARD CHALLENGE:    ISU is now launching a
Scholarship Award Challenge open to European students. ISU is giving
away 6 full tuition awards to the 6 best applicants sending their
application before 15 March 2008, each worth 25.000Euro.     Description
of the awards: 3 full scholarships (of 25,000  each) for MSS (Master in
Space Studies) 2008-2009 and 3 full scholarships (of 25,000  each) for
MSM (Master in Space Management) 2008-2009. These amounts include all
the tuition fees but not the living costs or travel to and from
Strasbourg.     Applicants from all backgrounds (technical or
non-technical) are eligible. The minimum prerequisite is to hold a
Bachelor s degree or equivalent (including 4 years of studies) and to
present a proof of English proficiency (except for native English
speakers or those who have been studying in English).   How to apply:
through ISU s usual online application system. Full terms and conditions
can be found under:
    This is truly a great opportunity for students or
professionals to join a worldwide network of 2500 alumni from 96
countries and benefit from the experience and lectures from several
hundred faculty and lecturers drawn from around the world.    I would
very much appreciate if you could forward this message onto your
colleagues and associates and any organisation you feel could be
interested in this challenge.    I thank you very much for your
co-operation and remain available for any further questions. Kind
regards, Geraldine Moser, ISU, Dean s Office, International Space
University, 1 rue Jean-Dominique Cassini, Parc d'Innovation, 67400
ILLKIRCH GRAFFENSTADEN, France. www.isunet.edu

6. ISS. The ISS has started another excellent series of evening passes
over Ireland. Details for your location on the wonderful, free,
www.heavens-above.com. Also other items such as Iridium Flares, current
bright comet positions, etc.

7. DAVE GRENNAN has received an observatory code, J 41, from the Minor
Planets Commission of the IAU, for his accurate work on imaging
asteroids: Well done Dave!

8. Finally, congratulations to Shannonside Astronomy Club for another
really excellent Whirlpool Star Party last w/e. The speakers were all
great, and the weather was lovely, with TWO clear nights observing, and
even good during the day too. There was a good atmosphere too & all
seemed to really enjoy it. Well done to all concerned.

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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