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From: TerryMoselat signaol.com
Date: 13 November 2007 01:36:13 Nov 2007
Subject: Lecture, Observing, 'scope wanted, Leonids, Lidl's Meade

Hi all,

Sorry for lack of normal service - I've been having email problems! So
if you have emailed me within the last 10 days and have not had a reply,
please be patient!

1. LECTURE: The next IAA public lecture will be on Wed 14 November, by
Prof Stephen Smartt of QUB, entitled: "The Fate of the Most Massive
Stars in the Universe". It's at 7.30 p.m. sharp, in the Bell Lecture
Theatre, Physics Building, QUB. Free parking in the main QUB campus from
about 5 p.m., Entrance from University Avenue.    It's thanks to Prof
Smartt that we can use this excellent venue, at a very reasonable price,
in conjunction with QUB Outreach and the APS of the Physics Department,
so I hope lots of you can make it for what promises to be a very
interesting lecture by this award-winning astronomer!

2. Philip Baxter writes: The next IAA planned observing session will be
either on Fri. 16th or Sat 17th Nov., meeting at 7.30pm in the carpark
at Delamont Country Park, Killyleagh, Co Down. This is of course weather
dependent.     The park is on the left hand side, about one mile outside
Killyleagh on the road to Downpatrick. It is sign posted with the usual
brown direction signs. It is an excellent setting with good dark skies.
We hopefully will also catch some Leonids.     Please note there is a
barrier which comes down at 9.00pm preventing you getting in, but not
out. So be in before 9.00pm.    I'll confirm at around 6.00pm on Friday
night that all's well, so watch the Forum. If the weather is not looking
good then we will go for the 17th.    See you there. Philip"

3. Joe Kerr is looking for a TAL-2  OTA (Optical Tube Assembly), i.e.
'scope without mount or tripod. If anyone knows of one for sale, please
contact him at Joe.Kerrat signuk.fujitsu.com

4. The Leonid meteors will be starting soon, although activity this year
is not expected to be high. Maximum is expected on Nov 18 at 05h, but
you could see the first members of the shower from about the 15th
onwards. They appear to come from the 'Sickle' of Leo, not far from
where brilliant Mars lies at present. They are very fast, and the
brighter ones sometimes leave persistent 'trains'. Moonlight is not a
problem this year.

5. Sorry for delay in reporting further on the excellent offer in Lidl
of the Meade LXD75 150mm (6") Newtonian on Equatorial mount with GoTo: a
situation outside my control! But I have now assembled the 'scope on the
mount etc, and it looks good. It's a very sturdy mount, and would easily
hold a larger telescope - a 200mm (8"), or even a short tube 250mm
(10"). Everything is very well made & moves very smoothly, & clamps
tightly & unclamps freely. It will take 2" or 1.25" eyepieces. Though
the box says otherwise, it even comes complete with 8 D-Cell batteries..
But I have not had a chance to test the GoTo yet. The instructions for
that are quite complicated, though clear enough. But I suppose it's a
bit late now - I'm sure they are all sold by now!

Clear Skies


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