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From: TerryMoselat signaol.com
Date: 8 November 2007 19:31:8 Nov 2007
Subject: Correction, Lecture, Comet Holmes

Hi all,
 1. Sorry for an error in last night's email about the Meade telescope
on sale in Lidl - blame the late hour, previous IT problems, and extreme

The price given for the Lidl outlets in NI and ROI was correct, but the
comparison price for the telescope, without GoTo on sale in Telescope
House in GB should have been about £760, not £360! So the point I was
making is that if you add on the price of GoTo, it would bring that
price up to about £800, so the Lidl offer is indeed about half price! I
got one today, but have not had time to check it yet. I was told that
each store only got one for sale, so you might have to look around
before you find one.

2. LECTURE: The next IAA public lecture will be on Wed 14 November, by
Prof Stephen Smartt of QUB, entitled: "The Fate of the Most Massive
Stars in the Universe". It's at 7.30 p.m. sharp, in the Bell Lecture
Theatre, Physics Building, QUB. Free parking in the main QUB campus from
about 5 p.m., Entrance from University Avenue.    It's thanks to Prof
Smartt that we can use this excellent venue, at a very reasonable price,
in conjunction with QUB Outreach and the APS of the Physics Department,
so I hope lots of you can make it for what promises to be a very
interesting lecture by this award-winning astronomer!

See you there, I hope.

3. Comet Holmes: This comet is just unreal - still a big round ball in
the sky, visible without optical aid, near Alpha Persei. It looks almost
like a giant transparent celestial beach ball!

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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