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From: TerryMoselat signaol.com
Date: 8 November 2007 00:40:8 Nov 2007
Subject: Superb Meade Telescope Offer

Hi all,

LIDL have done it again.

As from Thursday 8 November they are selling brand new Meade LXD 75
six-inch (150mm) reflectors at about half price! That's £399 in N.I.,
€599 in ROI. This is a full GoTo telescope, on a good equatorial mount &
solid steel tripod. The same telescope, but without the GoTo, costs £360
in Telescope House in London, so when you add the GoTo, that makes it
just about half price or less!

With the usual full Meade guarantee, and Meade's reputation for optical
excellence and sound mechanical build, this is just amazing value.

I know I don't need another telescope, but I can't resist this value, so
I'm getting one in the morning! I need a new mount, and normally I would
have to pay that for the mount alone!

I'll report again when I've checked it out, but if you want a bargain,
hurry down to Lidl: they are 'limited availability' so may not last

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley

Meade Reflector Telescope LXD 75

		Ultra-bright images of planets and deep-sky objects like planets, nebulae,
		star clusters and galaxies
		6" Newton computer telescope with Autostar #497
		Illuminated pole finder
		Super Plossl eyepieces ( 31.7 mm)
		Newton lens - top quality lens
		Finder scope 6 x 30
		12V battery pack
		LXD75 mount with steel tubing tripod
		Computer controlled motor to ensure fast and precise tracking and slewing
		Caution - Weighs 22.6Kg. Handle with care!
		Price per item
Only available while stocks last


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