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Date: 4 November 2007 01:40:4 Nov 2007
Subject: 9 Lectures, 2 Exhibitions

Hi all,
  1. The next monthly meeting of the East Antrim Astronomical Society will
take place on Monday 5th November in the Lecture Theatre at Ballyclare
High School, George Avenue (off Rashee Road), Ballyclare, Co. Antrim,
commencing at 8PM. Main Speaker - Dr Miruna Popescu (Armagh Observatory)
(website)Lecture - "The Sun: an exciting

  2. "The Day The Sun Attacked the Earth" In September 1859, our planet
was battered by a blob of superheated gas, spat out during the most
violent solar flare in recorded history. When the superheated gas
collided with our atmosphere, the northern lights were seen as far south
as the Caribbean! Around the world telegraph systems crashed, machines
burst into flames, and electric shocks rendered operators unconscious.
Compasses and other sensitive instruments reeled as if struck by a
massive magnetic fist. These bizarre effects caused a huge debate among
astronomers, many of whom doubted that the Sun could affect the Earth
this way across a distance of 150 million km.      The 1859 solar flare
was the most widely observed astronomical event in history, but until
this year it was largely forgotten. Interest in the event has been
revived because 2007 is the International Heliophysical Year   with
teams of astronomers across the world co-operating in the study of our
local star, upon which all life on Earth depends.     A new book about
the 1859 event has recently been published. The Sun Kings: The
Unexpected Tragedy of Richard Carrington and the Tale of How Modern
Astronomy Began, was written by Stuart Clark, European Space Agency
science writer, former editor of the British magazine Astronomy Now, and
one of the UK's best known popular science authors. His book also
reveals new details about the sordid scandal that destroyed Richard
Carrington's reputation and led him from the highest echelons of science
to the lowest reaches of love, villainy and revenge.     Dr Clark is
doing a promotional lecture tour and book signing for Astronomy
Ireland in Cork, Galway and Dundalk at the following venues - 

November 5 (Monday)        8pm    Arts Millennium Building - NUI Galway 
November 6 (Tuesday)       8pm    Jury's Hotel, Western Road, Cork 
November 7 (Wednesday)     8pm    Dundalk Institute of Technology, Dundalk 
Admission:                 5 euro (3 euro to AI members, Under 18's, OAP's)   

Tickets are available at the door or visit www.astronomy.ie or
call Astronomy Ireland on (01) 847 0777  ALL WELCOME Book Signing:
Copies of Dr. Clark's book will be available at the venues for 25 euro
each and the author will be more than happy to sign a copy for you.

  3. "What The Builder Saw: The Prehistoric Astronomy of Newgrange".
Public Lecture at Newgrange Visitor Centre, Bru na Boinne, Donore, Co
Meath. To mark the 40th anniversary of the first modern observation of
the Winter Solstice Sunrise phenomenon at Newgrange by Prof O'Kelly, Bru
na Boinne is holding a series of public lectures. The first one will be
on Wednesday November 7, at 8 p.m. by Terry Moseley (yes, me.)    The
lecture will consider what the ancient people of the Boyne Valley, the
builders of Newgrange, would have known about the sky and astronomy in
general, what they might have known, and what they probably did not
know. It will then relate this to the astronomical orientation of the
Newgrange passage, and other megalithic monuments which may have
astronomical significance, and attempt to offer suggestions as to the
purpose of the Newgrange winter solstice sunrise alignment. Admission
free, but it might be advisable to reserve a place by contacting the
manager, Clare Tuffy: clare.tuffyat signopw.ie

  4. "Mars: A Cosmic Stepping Stone" The South Dublin Astronomical
Society is holding its next monthly meeting on Thursday 8th November
which features a talk on Mars. Admission is free and all are welcome.

Title:        Mars: A Cosmic Stepping Stone. 
Speaker:      Dr. Kevin Nolan.
Venue:        Gonzaga College, Ranelagh, Dublin. 
Date:         8th November, 8:00pm

5. Discover Science & Engineering are hosting a series of lectures to
celebrate Science Week 2007.  You might be interested in the Science and
Space Travel Lecture by Joe Edwards.   Details: 
Joe Edwards, Former NASA Astronaut, Former Chairman of the National Science Centre in US 
 "Science and Space Travel"  
on Wednesday 14th November - Royal Irish Academy, Dawson Street, Dublin 2 
from 18:30 to 20:00

Please note that places are limited and if you plan to attend you must
register for a seat allocation on  www.scienceweek.ie/lectures, or to
find out more information, please contact Nicolas Reitzaum on 01 678
9333. More on science week at www.scienceweek.ie.

6. Galileo, Galileo: who on earth was Galileo?  Deirdre Kelleghan will
provide some answers in the Irish Astronomical Society public talk this
month. Monday, November 19, 8 p.m.; admission free. Dunsink Observatory,
Dublin 15 www.irishastrosoc.org

 7. Hubble Space Telescope.    The Irish North Materials Group (a group
of engineers and scientists affiliated with the Institute of Materials,
Minerals and Mining) invites you to a talk which may be of
"Through the Eyes of the Hubble Space Telescope", by Dr Robin
Catchpole (Institute of Astronomy - Cambridge).    
The talk will include
technology involved in the Hubble Space Telescope as well as the
abilities of the telescope as such.   
Venue:   University of Ulster at Belfast (also known as the Arts College). 
Date: 27 November 2007. 
Time: 18:00. 
Admission free. All welcome. 

Art & Society
  8. In your own time:
Irish artist Grace Weir, who has long been interested in physics, time
and astronomy (previous works include films made at Dunsink
Observatory), now has four films on exhibition at London's Science
Museum. The exhibition, part of the museum's Arts Projects, is a world
premiere, and  explores black holes, relativity, and notions of time and
light.   Until November 25. To coincide with the exhibition, the DANA
science Centre in London is hosting an evening event with Grace and a
panel of philosophers of physics. November 8, 7 p.m. Science Museum:
link / DANA Centre: link
  9.  Aspects of the Moon: a series of 100 portraits imaginatively linked to
phases of the moon by Japanese artist Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892). 
Opens at the Chester Beatty library on November 16, and runs until
February 2008.  Admission free.  On loan from the Museum of
International for Folk Art, New Mexico, USA. link

Clear Skies, Terry Moseley


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