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From: 	  TerryMoselat signaol.com
Subject: JWST, Astronomy Teacher, Planet stamps, Rockets + BBQ
Date: 	15 June 2007 01:35:15 Jun 2007

Hi all,

    OK, so it's only a replica, but it's an exact copy, and  it's full size! 
I'm sure you all know that the JWST will be the successor to the  HST; it's 
due for launch in 2013.  The James Webb Space Telescope is a  large aperture 
(6.5 meter), cryogenic space telescope with a suite of  near and mid-infrared 
instruments covering the wavelength range  of 0.6 μm  to 28 μm. JWST’s primary 
science goal is to detect and characterize the  first galaxies. It will also 
study the assembly of galaxies, star formation  and protoplanetary systems, and 
the formation & evolution of  planetary systems. It will be placed in orbit at 
the L2 Lagrangian Point. Irish  astronomers such as Prof Tom Ray, DIAS, have 
developed instruments  which will be on the JWST.
   A full size replica of the telescope, complete with  sunshield, as it will 
fly in space, is currently on display at  the Irish Museum of Modern Art in 
Kilmainham, Dublin. It will be in Ireland for  another 6 weeks or so, but may 
move to another location before then. Contact  Brenda Frye at DCU for more 
details on how & where to see it: I think it's  brenda.fryeat signdcu.ie 

2.  Astronomy Instructor in Letterkenny  IT
I work with the Irish Centre for Talented  Youth in DCU and we are currently 
seeking an Astronomy instructor for a course  in LYIT. The course is scheduled 
to take place on the week of the 16th to the  20th of July, between 11.30am 
and 1.00pm each day. CTYI runs courses for  academically talented children. Our 
students have taken assessments in verbal,  numerical and abstract reasoning, 
qualifying in one or more areas and thereby  placing themselves in the top 5% 
of the population. The students who will take  part in this course will be 
aged between 8 and 12 years. The rate of pay for the  position is €31.74 per 
I would be very grateful if you  could pass this email onto anyone who you 
think might be interested in teaching  the course. If you have any further 
questions, I can be contacted on 01-7008423  or at  catriona.fitzgeraldat signdcu.ie.
Regards, Catriona Fitzgerald.

3. PLANET STAMPS: Thanks to Peter Miller for the  following: 
The ROI post office, An Post, are currently doing a nice series of  unusual 
letterbox shaped stamps with the planets on them.  They have gold  spots 
showing the relative size of the Earth.


There are still a few places left for the social, astronomical,  pyrotechnic, 
ballistic and culinary event of the year: the IAA + friends trip to  
Greencastle Planetarium for a starshow, rocket-launching, and BBQ. Although this  is 
an IAA event, members of other clubs are welcome to attend too, just as long  
as you pre-book and pay, as below!

   Our midsummer event this year is an extra special treat! Those  of you who 
have met or heard Ash McFadden, the Greencastle Planetarium  Director and 
chief rocket launcher, will know that a visit there during the  summer for a show 
and watching or taking part in the rocket launching is a real  treat. (BTW, 
these are REAL rockets, not compressed air or water. The big one  can go up to 
over 20,000 feet, although most launches are 'only' to about  2-3,000 feet.) 
The fun part is the egg-lofting competition, whereby you  make your own rocket, 
from a kit which you buy from the Planetarium, and design  it so that it will 
launch, and land with a parachute, a standard raw egg  (supplied). The rocket 
that goes highest, and lands the egg intact afterwards,  wins. If by any 
chance the weather is too bad for rocket launching, which is  VERY unlikely, Ash 
has promised us a free laser light show (in which he  specialises) in the 

Well, we're doing even better than that: we'll have a  special show in the 
Planetarium, plus it will be exclusively open for us that  day, and after the 
rocket launching that afternoon, Ash has invited us all to  have our midsummer 
BBQ either at the Planetarium or at his house  afterwards! Ash lives in a 
lovely location overlooking Kinnagoe Bay in  Inishowen, a few miles from 
Greencastle, and has great outdoor BBQ  facilities.
   The Planetarium show will be at 13.00; that will be followed  by the 
rocket launching etc. To allow time to look around the Planetarium and  the 
Maritime Museum, of which it is part, we will aim to meet there no later  than noon. 
More details on that later. 
    Our normal BBQ rules apply - no charge, you just bring  ALL your own 
stuff for eating, drinking etc: we + Ash will supply the heat for  the cooking.
    There is of course a charge for the Planetarium show,  and places are 
limited by the size of the Planetarium, so you MUST book a place  by sending a 
cheque for £7.00 payable to the IAA to our Treasurer,  John Hall, 3 Vaddegan 
Avenue, Newtownabbey, Co Antrim, BT36 7SP, ASAP! 

TRANSPORT: There was not a big demand for the minibus, and in any case  there 
were complications with getting insurance for the school's minibus in ROI,  
so we have decided not to bother with that. Instead we will try to facilitate  
car sharing.
1. If you are going and need a lift: state your location, and number of  
seats required.
2. If you are going and can offer a lift: state your location, and number  of 
seats offered.
3. IN BOTH CASES, state whether you are staying over on the Sunday night,  or 
whether you wish to return home, and if so what is roughly your preferred  
return departure time (allow roughly 1.5 - 2 hours to get back to  Belfast.
   You may of course make your own way there if you wish.

NB, It's not a big planetarium, and places are limited, so book  now - first 
come, first served! 

Clear Skies,

Terry  Moseley


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