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From: TerryMoselat signaol.com
Date: 12 August 2007 15:25:12 Aug 2007

Hi all,

Just a final reminder that the Perseids are due to reach maximum
tonight, and the IAA Perseids BBQ is currently scheduled to go ahead
this evening at Delamont Country Park. The forecast was showers this
afternoon and this evening, but so far there haven't been any showers in
Glengormley, and there's quite a lot of clear sky, so it's not looking
too bad! Here are all the details

The annual celestial fireworks show provided by Comet Swift-Tuttle
is expected to reach maximum on 12/13 (Sun-Mon) August, with the actual
time of maximum about 03.00 BST on the 13th. In excellent sky conditions
an experienced observer should be able to see about 70-80 meteors per
hour just before dawn when the radiant is highest.    Observers in
Ireland are slightly better favoured than those in GB, as the dawn
occurs later here, giving up to about 30 minutes of extra observing time
close to the time of maximum activity.    Perseid meteors are quite
fast, with a fairly high proportion of bright meteors, some of which
leave persistent 'trains' or trails. As the name implies they appear to
come from the constellation of Perseus, not far from the famous 'Double
Cluster', which lies about halfway between Perseus and Cassiopeia. For
your non-astronomical friends, just say that they appear to come from
the North East part of the sky in the late evening, and a bit higher up
in the East as the night progresses into Monday morning.    The Moon
will not interfere at all this year, giving excellent observing
conditions, - in clear skies, of course!

   The Irish Astronomical Association will be having a "BBQ + Perseid
Party" at Delamont Country Park, on the A22, between Killyleagh and
Downpatrick, this evening, 12 August, commencing at 8 p.m. We will
finish the cooking & eating by about 9.30, allowing time to clear away,
& set up loungers & telescopes & do some twilight observing of Jupiter
before the sky gets dark enough for meteor observing.    If you intend
to come you MUST be there no later than 9 p.m., as the gates will be
closed for access from then on. You can get out OK at any time, as the
gates open automatically on exit. We will be observing from the car park
area beside the picnic tables, on your right shortly after you enter the
park from the main road.    Usual IAA BBQ rules apply - Free, but bring
your own food, drinks, plates, cutlery, cups, glasses, chair etc if you
wish: we will provide the cooking facilities only.    For observing,
bring a lounger if you have one, and plenty of warm clothes, and a RED,
not a white, torch! And if you have to leave while others are still
observing, drive on sidelights only until you are out of the park. Also,
park your car so that you are facing in the direction in which you will
leave, with the gears in neutral or forward, so that you don't have to
reverse, with your bright reversing light coming on automatically.    If
you are observing from nearer home, choose as dark a location as
possible: a really dark site will more than double the number of meteors
you will see!  If you get any good photos, send them in to our website:

Good luck, and REALLY Clear Skies!

Terry Moseley


Last Revised: 2007 August 13th
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