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From: TerryMoselat signaol.com
Date: 20 April 2007 22:24:20 Apr 2007
Subject: New IAA Council, Fitzgerald Award, Bargain binos at Lidl, Carnfunnock, Lyrids

Hi all,

1. IAA COUNCIL:  A new Council was elected at the IAA's recent AGM. Only
one change - we welcome back Ken Doyle after a short break: President:
Pat O'Neill VPs: Philip Baxter and George Brannan Secretary: Danny
Collins Treasurer & Membership secretary: John Hall Editor of Stardust:
Andy McCrea Web: John Hall and Robert Cobain PRO: Terry Moseley Members:
Robert Campbell David Collins Ken Doyle Robert Hill Ex Officio: Prof
Mark Bailey, Dr Tom Mason. (N.B. - No women! Where are you all? Don't be
shy! How about a volunteer for next year?)

2. FITZGERALD AWARD. This medal, presented by the IAA for 'Outstanding
Service to the Association" was awarded this year to Philip Baxter.
Philip is one of the keenest and most active members of the Association
and the Council, always suggesting new ideas or new ways of looking at
things. He helps out at all our public events, and has been the recent
organiser of our own observing nights. Congratulations Philip - it's
well deserved.

3. BARGAIN BINOCULARS: I'm still not getting any commission from Lidls
(I think I'll sack my agent...), but thought I'd let you know that they
are again offering the Bresser 10x50 binocs at £14.99, or €17.99 in ROI,
from Thursday 26 April. Given the current exchange rate, the ROI price
is a bit better.  The website doesn't give full details, but assuming
they are the same as last time, they have multicoated optics, BAK4
prisms, lens caps, a tripod socket, carry strap, & a soft case.   
 These special offers often sell out quickly, so go early if you really
want a pair. The quality has almost always been good, and exceptional
for the price! If you do happen to get a poor pair, don't hesitate to
bring them back & get them exchanged.

4.  IAA Astronomy/Telescope Evening, Carnfunnock, 21 April. The IAA
continues its series of telescope talks & observing evenings at
Carnfunnock Country Park, Drains Bay, Larne (on the main coast road
North from Larne), starting at 8 p.m. Talks, demos, Derek Heatly's
'Ulsternaut' presentations, & of course observing if clear. All welcome.
Free admission for IAA members bringing telescopes or tripod-mounted

5. The Lyrid Meteors break the 'Spring drought' of meteors with a
moderate display peaking on April 22d 22h BST, with a rather meagre
nominal zenithal hourly rate (ZHR) of about 10-15, but outbursts have
occasionally occurred in the past, raising the ZHR to up to 100. The
waxing crescent moon on the night of the peak will not interfere too
much. The radiant is located near to Vega.

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley


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