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From: TerryMosel@aol.com
Date: 8 November 2006 23:09:52 GMT
To: iaa2000@btinternet.com
Subject: SDAS, UNAWE at Armagh, Lecture in NUU

Hi all,
1. South Dublin Astronomy Society

   Next meeting: Thursday, November 9th: "Blinded by the light", a talk
on Light Pollution to be given by Albert White, Vice-Chairperson of the
Irish Light Pollution Awareness Campaign. Do drop along to our
meeting at 8pm in Gonzaga College, Ranelagh. All welcome and no
admission charge.     On the night we'll also have a talk by Cian
MacMahon on the wonderful world of podcasting. As many of you know, Cian
records all our meetings and puts a lot of hard work into the club
behind the scenes. Contact John Flannery: 086-81 81 931

2.  UNAWE: Armagh Observatory Special Seminar and Workshop, Wed 22nd Nov
2006    Following Professor George Miley's presentation at the 7th
October 2005 meeting of the ASGI (Dublin City University) concerning the
UNAWE project, the Armagh Observatory is pleased to host a special
information seminar and workshop on the UNAWE project, on Wednesday 22nd
November 2006.  All members of the ASGI and other interested parties are
invited to attend.     The Seminar is entitled: "Universe Awareness:
Inspiring young children with the Beautiful Universe"

It will take place from 11:15--12:30 in the Armagh Observatory Library,
and the talk will be given by the UNAWE Project Manager Coordinator: Dr
Carolina Odman, Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands

The Seminar will be followed by lunch at the Observatory, and an
afternoon of informal discussions surrounding the UNAWE project. The
meeting will finish no later than 16:00.

All interested parties are invited to attend the seminar and subsequent
discussion.  A light buffet lunch will be provided at the Observatory
for participants.  Those who may need some assistance with travel to
attend the meeting should send a brief e-mail to Mark Bailey
(mebarm.ac.uk) to this effect, explaining the reasons for their
attendance at the meeting and justifying the amount of travel support

If you plan to attend the seminar and subsequent discussion, please
e-mail Aileen McKee (ambnarm.ac.uk) as soon as possible to facilitate
our local preparations. More information about the UNAWE project is
available at this link.

Summary of Carolina Odman's Presentation:    "Universe Awareness (UNAWE)
is an activity designed to expose economically disadvantaged young
children, aged between 4 and 10 years, to inspirational aspects of
astronomy. By conveying a feeling for the scale and beauty of the
Universe the main goal of UNAWE is to broaden the minds of young
children, thereby helping to form tolerant and internationally minded
adults. Additional goals of UNAWE are to enhance the childrens
understanding of the world and to demonstrate the power of rational
thought.       From the dawn of history, the beauty of the sky and its
intimate connection with the development of human civilization have
inspired countless generations with a sense of wonderment. Astronomy is
a unique discipline for inspiring young children and imbuing them with
an appreciation of both science and culture. Not only does astronomy
involve the natural sciences and cutting-edge technology, but it also
has strong links to philosophy, the arts and human development. Modern
astronomy continues to play a unique role in conveying the excitement of
science to the general public.    Universe Awareness is targeted at a
group that has often been neglected by outreach programs, namely
underprivileged children from 4 years upwards.  UNAWE is being developed
as a "Bottom-up" programme. We shall carry out or participate in
projects in several countries starting in 2009, proclaimed as the
International Year of Astronomy by the IAU and UNESCO. Ingredients of
the programme include the development of country-specific materials, the
provision of training and an international network for communication by
teachers and others involved in the programme. After presenting the
international programme, I will discuss the many ways in which Ireland
is an attractive country for the development and implementation UNAWE
for 2009."

   N.B. Mark Bailey has asked me to point out that the Library has
limited capacity, so please note: (1) it's only for those who are really
involved, or would like to be involved, in this area, (2) that places
are limited and attendance will only be possible by pre-booking with
Aileen Brannigan, and (3) that it's first come, first served.  Mark
adds: Perhaps there is really something that the amateur community can
do to help with this project. If nothing else, UNAWE promises to
perform a useful public service and may (ultimately!) provide a source
of young people for [club] membership!

3. Talking science: the University of Ulster's autumn series of public
science lectures continues. Physicist Dr Paul Callanan (UCC) will be
seeking the invisible in a talk about black holes (December 5). UU
Coleraine, tel: (048) 9036 6178 / pressofficeulster.ac.uk

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley


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