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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: 16 November 2006 01:14:03 GMT
Subject: Leonids, Lindsay Centennial.

Hi all,

1. Don't forget the Leonid meteors, with the traditional maximum of a
moderate level of activity expected on the late evening of Friday 17th
November, and the brief intense "Asher - McNaught" peak at about 04.45
on Sunday 19th November.

2. Prof Mark Bailey has asked me to circulate the following:  The
Lindsay Centennial Symposium

First Announcement and Call for Papers:

"E.M. Lindsay and Astronomy in Ireland";  Rotunda Theature, St Patrick's
Trian, Armagh, 2007 January 26

A one-day conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of E.M.
Lindsay's birth will take place in the Rotunda Theatre, St. Patrick's
Trian, Armagh, from approximately 10:00--17:00 on Friday 26th January

The meeting will provide a forum to promote modern astronomical research
throughout the island of Ireland.  The morning will be devoted to a
largely historical discussion of Lindsay's principal contributions to
Irish Astronomy, beginning with an invited talk by Dr Maire Bruck
(University of Edinburgh) entitled "Armagh, Dunsink and the Early Days
of the Irish Astronomical Society".

The afternoon will be focused on modern astronomical research. Most
contributed talks will be 10--15 minutes long with 5 minutes for

On the evening of the same day, Dr Allan Chapman (University of Oxford)
will deliver a public lecture entitled "Robert Ball: Ireland's
Astronomical Muse", beginning at 7.30pm.

All students, postdocs and researchers are invited to submit abstracts
for proposed contributed talks and/or poster papers.  Abstracts should
be sent by e-mail as plain text files to Bebe Ishak at Armagh
Observatory: bbkarm.ac.uk.

A light buffet lunch will be provided.  Those who may require assistance
with travel should send a brief e-mail to Mark Bailey (mebarm.ac.uk)
explaining the reasons for their attendance at the meeting and
justifying the amount of support required.

If you plan to attend either the meeting or the public lecture, please
e-mail Aileen McKee (ambnarm.ac.uk) as soon as possible assist our

[As most of you will know, Dr Eric Lindsay, OBE, was one of the leading
directors of Armagh Observatory (1937 - 1974) , and was responsible,
inter alia, for the establishment of the ADH (Armagh-Dunsink-Harvard)
telescope at Boyden in South Africa, which was probably the first
international co-operative venture of its kind in the world, and
recognised the importance of a good observing site, even if it was
almost on the other side of the world.    He was also responsible for
the establishment of Armagh Planetarium, knowing that public outreach
was as an important part of astronomy. T.M.]

Clear skies,

Terry Moseley


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