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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: 23 June 2006 19:48:25 BDT
Subject: Astronomy Barbecue, ISS, Crawford Observatory

Hi all,

1. A final reminder about the IAA Midsummer Barbecue on Saturday 24
June.     It will be held as usual in the lovely and historic grounds of
Armagh Observatory, courtesy of the Director, Professor Mark Bailey.   
We start at about 3 p.m., with some activities such as an astronomical
treasure hunt, and a quiz, with some worthwhile prizes. Also a tour of
the observatory. You can also see the amazing, unique, 'Human Orrery',
and maybe the newly restored historic telescopes. And although Armagh
Planetarium won't be open to the public for another month or two, you
can admire the newly refurbished building from the outside - it's a
transformation.   We light the fire at about 5.0, with cooking
commencing about 5.30. The format is the same as usual: free admission
to members and guests (and if anyone else specially wants to come, I
don't think you'll be turned away!); you bring all your own consumables,
plates, cups, glasses, cutlery etc, and a folding chair or rug to sit
on. If you have your own BBQ tools (tongs, fork etc), bring them too. We
provide the cooking facility.    We have a large gazebo just in case of
rain, but we have been lucky with the weather every year so far, and the
forecast is good. If it's clear, we'll have some solar observing.   
It's on SATURDAY 24 JUNE, at 15.00 - don't miss it.

  2. ISS. The ISS continues its series of late-night passes, until the
end of June. See www.heavens-above.com for details.

3. Crawford Observatory, UCC.  New IAA president Pat O'Neill and I
attended the official opening of the restored Crawford Observatory at
University College Cork, on 22 June, by the Minister for Education &
Science, Ms Mary Hanafin.    This observatory, nestling snugly in the
main campus, was built entirely by Grubb, and contains some fascinating
instruments, including a 13" astrographic refractor built for the Carte
du Ciel project, an 8" co-mounted refractor, a magnificent transit
instrument, and a fine siderostat.     The restoration project was
managed by Dr Paul Callanan of the Astrophysics Department, and the
restoration of the telescopes was superbly carried out by the one and
only Bertie McClure from Belfast (who did similar work for the
telescopes at Armagh Observatory). Bertie is a genius as far as this
sort of work goes, and if you ever get a chance to see his work, don't
miss it!    Congratulations to Paul, Bertie, and the others who did the
restoration work on the building and dome - a brilliant job.    (The
reception afterwards was excellent too, BTW!)

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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