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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 20:05:45 EST
Subject: IFAS Turkey Trip - Price correction

Hi all,
Sorry, but there was a discrepancy in the prices quoted for some rooms in  
David's original email, compared with those on the form he attached. I didn't  
spot this, and when I combined his two emails into one, that discrepancy  was 
repeated. The error arose because of a mistake by OAD in calculating  for the 
seaview supplement in the original quotation. I spotted this, and they  agreed 
to a reduction. But David was using their original prices in his email,  
although he was using my updated corrected prices in the attachment!
You'll be glad to know that in most cases, the lower prices are  correct!
Briefly, the prices in the attachment to his email, and to my  email, are the 
correct ones.
But in case there is any confusion, the following are  (with every digit 
crossed!) the correct ones! All in Euro:
499 per adult sharing, ordinary twin or double room
539 per adult sharing in seaview twin or double room
618 Single, adult, ordinary room
658 Single, adult, seaview
499 per adult sharing in ordinary triple suite
399 per child sharing with two adults in an ordinary triple
539 per adult sharing in seaview triple
399 per child sharing with two adults in a seaview triple
15 per baby in any triple
499 per adult sharing in an ordinary quadruple
499 per first child in an ordinary quadruple with 2 adults (i.e. the  first 
child is counted as an extra adult)
399 per second child sharing in an ordinary quadruple
539 per adult sharing, seaview quadruple
539 for first child sharing with two adults, seaview quadruple
399 for second child sharing with two adults in a seaview quadruple
15 Baby in any quadruple
In other words, 
1. Babies do not pay the seaview supplement, in any room.
2. If two children share with two adults in a quad room, the first child is  
counted as an adult, and does pay any seaview  supplement. The second child 
gets the child discount, and does  not pay the seaview supplement.
Children: 2 - 12 years.
Babies: 0 and 1 year old (they only pay EUR 15 administration fee, for the  
rest they are free of charge)


I hope that's clear - don't blame me for the complicated pricing  structure!

NOTE: I will be sending out another  email on 15 JANUARY, to those on the
'IFAS Eclipse Trip List' only. If you do  not get that email, contact me on 16 
January, as it means that you are on my 'general' list, but not on the eclipse 
RIGHT - get your money, in EURO to David asap!
Terry Moseley


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