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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 19:13:27 EST
Subject: Sky at Night Mag features IAA, Lectures, TV, Connacht Star Party

Hi all,
If you wish to be removed from this email list, just let me know by  return.
(I've been off-line for bulk-mailing for nearly 3 weeks due  to problems with 
AOL, so I wasn't able to alert you to the last IAA lecture, nor  the Connacht 
Star Party, nor various other recent events. Sorry....)

1. The IAA is the featured society in the February issue of the Sky At  Night 
Magazine, on p.74. 

2. The STARDUST space probe has successfully returned to Earth with  samples 
of material from Comet Wild 2. Analysis will take probably several  weeks for 
even preliminary results.
3. The 2006 Tyndall Lecture will be given by Dr Karen Bultitude and Dr  Laura 
Grant entitled 'Our Planet - Our Future'.
Dates &  venues:    31 Jan at IT Waterford;  2 Feb at UCC,  Cork;  3 Feb at 
NUIG, Galway.
See ireland.iop.org/program.html 

4.   Wed. 1 Feb, 1.00pm, Thomas Davis Theatre, TCD: Prof. Denis O'Sullivan on 
'Cosmic  Rays and their effect on humans on earth, in earth orbit and in deep 
 space'.  See www.hamilton.tcd.ie/events

5.   Thu, 2 Feb,  5.10pm, MacNeill LT, Hamilton Building, TCD: Prof. J.-P. 
Luminet (CNRS) on 'The  Shape of the Universe'.        See  

6.  TV:  
Thu, 2 Feb,    9.00pm Channel 4: Challenger - countdown to  disaster.

7. CSP: The 3rd annual Connacht Star Party, hosted by the Galway Astronomy  
Club, was held on Saturday 28 January, at the Westwood Hotel, Galway.  
Congratulations to all for another excellent event.
Clear skies,
Terry  Moseley


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