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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 18:04:46 EST
Subject: TV, Lectures, Saturn Session

Hi all,
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1. Missing matter: 'Horizon' examines the mystery of  the Universe's missing 
matter (BBC2, Thursday 9 pm), just as UK scientists  believe they have 
uncovered some of the characteristics of this dark matter;  see: 

2.  Leo's space odyssey, with Leo Enright: continues on RTE 1 on Sundays  at 
9.45am www.rte.ie 
Scope 3: likewise, continues on RTE 2,  Mondays 7pm www.science.ie 

3. Gravitational  lenses and gravitational waves are the topics for two talks 
which the  IOP is taking around Ireland. Dr Neal Jackson from Jodrell Bank 
Observatory, and  Dr Sheila Rowan, University of Glasgow,  visit UCC, QUB, NUIG, 
TCD and DIT.  Details at ireland.iop.org 
4. SATURN OBSERVING SESSION. The IAA will be having a  Saturn-observing 
evening on Friday 10 and/or Saturday 11 February, if it's  clear. We'll be at the 
lower car park (i.e. on the side of the main road  nearer the sea), Ulster Folk 
& Transport Museum, Cultra, Co Down, at about 8  p.m. Bring your portable 
telescope (and binocs) if you have them, and wrap up  really warm!
If it's cloudy on Friday, we'll try on Saturday evening. Of course we'll  
look at other things too, including the gibbous/nearly Full Moon, but the  moon's 
brightness means we'll have to concentrate on the brighter deep-sky  objects. 
In fact the almost full Moon will be very close to Saturn on  Saturday night, 
so the Friday night would be the better of the two. 
   Contact Andy McCrea (0777 557 6872) if the weather is a bit  'iffy', to 
see if we are going ahead on either night or not.
Thanks to the various sources who supply me with some of the material for  
this email. Feel free to use any of mine in return!
Clear Skies,
Terry  Moseley


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