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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 06:55:29 EST

Hi all,

The recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi is  currently in outburst according to an 
International Astronomical Union  email (CBET 399)  (Monday 13th).  Normally at 
about mag 11, it is now  mag 4.8 and was seen as bright as 4.5 yesterday morning 
by Japanese  observers.

Previous recorded outbursts were in 1898, 1933, 1958,  1967 and 1985. This 
outburst makes it the Recurrent Nova with the most recorded  outbursts. It is a 
morning object at the moment, and is visible low in the  southeast between 
about 5.20 and 6.30 am to the northwest of the third magnitude  star Nu Ophiuchi.
The R.A. is 17h 50m 13.3 s,  Dec -06 deg 42m 29" (Epoch 2000.0). The  
spectrum is OB+M2ep. Maximum range is 12m.5 - 4m.3.
Nearby comparison stars are: Xi Ser = 3.5; Omicron Ser = 4.3; Mu Oph =  4.6; 
Zeta Oph = 4.6; Zeta Scu = 4.7; 59 Ser = 5.2; Tau Oph = 5.3; 60 Ser =  5.4.
I attach a chart showing the field with stars shown to mag 6, and  magnitudes 
shown to mag 5.5, to two decimal places but without the decimal  point, e.g. 
523 = mag 5.23.
I'll do a more detailed chart with fainter comparison stars later.
Good luck, and clear skies,
Terry Moseley



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