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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: 15 August 2006 19:08:17 BDT
Subject: Astronomy Event at Mount Stewart, Perseids, ISS

Hi all,

1. Another reminder about the major public astronomy event at Mount
Stewart, near Greyabbey, Co Down, on Sunday 20 August.     This is a
joint event involving Armagh Planetarium and the IAA.  It starts at 2.0,
and will finish about 5 p.m. There will be all the usual fun of the
astronomical fair - telescopes & binocs on display; safe solar viewing
with specialised telescopes & equipment if clear, rocket-launching,
talks, meteorites & other exhibits, & a portable planetarium. Derek
Heatly, the IAA's own Ulsternaut, will give an update on his forthcoming
flight into space with Space Adventures, and show a video of his past
flight to the edge of space in a Russian Mig, and his weightless
training flights with the Russian space agency.   You can read all about
Derek in the current County Down Spectator, and today's Belfast
Telegraph.    IAA members bringing a telescope or big tripod-mounted
binocs will get in free, so bring your portable 'scope & come & join the
fun! For others, normal admission charges will apply - but it's in a
good cause, so come anyway!

  2. Perseids. The faithful members and visitors who came to the IAA BBQ
at Cultra on Saturday night got a double treat - some great BBQ grub (&
thanks for the freebies, folks!), and some fairly clear sky for the
Perseids - unlike some other parts of the country, I believe!    I
saw 15 in a period of 55 minutes, in a sky which was only about 70%
clear at any given time, and which begin with late twilight, and ended
with gibbous moonlight. There were several fireballs, one was a bit
brighter than Jupiter - about mag -3, and another was much brighter than
Venus - about mag -5 or -6, and left a train lasting 3 seconds! All were
really fast - typical of the Perseids, except for one which appeared to
come at me almost directly from the radiant, and so had a really short
path length. Roll on August 2007, when we'll have no moonlight to
contend with!

3. The ISS is about to start another series of evening passes over
Ireland - see details on www.heavens-above.com.

Clear Skies


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