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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 20:02:39 EDT
Subject: Eclipse on Monday 3rd, Major Lecture

Hi all,
1. Only about 0.2% of you noticed my deliberate mistake regarding the  
eclipse: October 3rd is of course a Monday, not Tuesday! (It was correct in the  
attached article, so that was OK)
2. John Flannery asked me to send out these details:
"Gonzaga College, Ranelagh,  Dublin and the South Dublin Astronomical Society 
are delighted to announce that  the well known and eminent Br Guy 
Consolmagno, SJ will give their next  talk on Thursday, October 6th in Gonzaga College. 
Guy is speaking at the Whirlpool Star Party in Birr, Co. Offaly which begins  
on Friday, October 7th after our meeting (see go.to/sac) and Guy has kindly  
consented to come a day early and give a talk, entitled
"Why does the Pope have an Astronomer?".  
Guy is co-author of "Turn Left at Orion" with Dan Davis, there is an  
excellent interview with both himself and Dan Davis in this month's Arcturus.  This 
can be found at  
They expect a great demand for places, which are limited. To  confirm 
attendance please mail your request, stating the number of places you  require,
 to infosouthdublinastronomy.org   
Admission is FREE and the venue is Gonzaga College, Ranelagh, Dublin with the 
 meeting starting at 8pm on Thursday, October 6th.  
A biography of Guy is on his website http://homepage.mac.com/brother_guy 
Clear skies, 
Terry Moseley


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