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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 18:52:10 EDT
Subject: Planet 10's Moon, Eclipsed by clouds, WSP, lecture in Dublin

Hi all,
1. Newly discovered 'Planet 10' has a moon! "2003 UB 313", nicknamed  'Xena', 
the object generally being referred to as the tenth planet in the  solar 
system has just been found to have a moon at least one tenth of  its size. The 
discovery will allow astronomers to determine the mass of  both objects.
The new planet was nicknamed Xena after the  television warrior princess, and 
the moon has been dubbed Gabrielle, after the  princess's companion. (Well, 
at least it's better than 'Wallace &  Gromit'!)
   Xena & Gabrielle are currently about 99 AU (Astronomical  Units, or the 
mean distance from Eartyh to Sun, = 150 million km.) from the Sun,  more than 
twice as distant as Pluto. The apparent separation between planet and  moon is 
only 0.5" (arcsecs)!
2. ECLIPSE: What a washout! Just about everybody in Ireland was almost  
totally clouded out. At the IAA public eclipse watch in Belfast,  we attracted more 
attention from the media than from the public! But we saw  only two very 
brief glimpses, through thin cloud. I missed BOTH of them, as I  was doing media 
interviews at the time! I can't say I even noticed it getting  colder - 
probably there was so much cloud that it acted as an insulator! 

But Andy McCrea, Pat O'Neill, Terry Murphy etc, got great annular  views in 
Spain. The rotters!
Sic transit gloria Mundi.... (Well, it made one sick, it was a sort of a  
transit, and it was Monday!).
3. Don't forget the one & only Whirlpool Star  Party, Dooley's Hotel, Birr, 
Co Offaly this W/E - Fri evening to  Sun afternoon. Accommodation list appended 
at the bottom hereof.
4. The next IAS lecture in Dublin will be on 17  October, by Brian Keane, 
President of the IAS, entitled "A Brief History of  the Moon". Ely House, 8 Ely 
Place, at 8 p.m., Members free, others 2 euro.
Clear skies,
Terry Moseley.


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