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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 15:55:24 EDT
Subject: WSP, Media, lectures, ISS, Ticket?

Hi all,
Firstly, belated congrats to the Shannonside Astronomy Club for another  
excellent Whirlpool Star Party in Birr last W/E. Congrats to all, but especially  
David Bell, Michael Dee & Mike Murphy, with major input from, among others,  
Stephen Gleeson, Dave Lillis & Tony O'Hanlon: apologies if I've left  anyone 
out from the 'special mentions'!
   Some excellent talks & other entertainment, & some  great observing in the 
grounds of the Demesne (thanks to Lord Rosse as usual) on  Saturday night, 
when for a while it was exceptionally clear & transparent.  Two 20" Dobs led the 
array of scopes & binocs, and there was some innovative  digital imaging too.
Some coming events of interest:

1.  Wed. 12 Oct,  9.00pm, BBC R4: The latest  theories about Stonehenge.

2. Thurs. 20  Oct. BBC2 9.00pm. Horizon:    "Titan - a Place like Home?"


3. Mon. 17 Oct, 6.30pm, Burke Theatre, TCD: Nobel  Laureate, Steven Weinberg 
will deliver the Hamilton Award Lecture - 'Much Ado  About Nothing' - How the 
problem of the energy of empty space became a central  concern of today's 
physics and cosmology. BOOKED OUT! (Has anyone got a spare  ticket for this? - see 
4. Wed 19 October: IAA Public lecture, 7.30 p.m., Lecture Room 5,  
Stranmillis College, Stranmillis Road, Belfast: Dr Ian Sanders, TCD "Evidence in  
Meteorites for the origin of the Solar System" (I can promise you a fascinating  


5. From 28 Sep. for four months at NMI,  Collins Barracks,  Dublin: LIGHT & 
TIME - an exhibition to celebrate  Hamilton Year. The highlight is a laser 
demonstration of Conical Refraction,  predicted by Hamilton in 1832.   See 
The International Space Station is currently making a series of 'morning  
passes' over Irish skies. Details, as always, from the excellent & free 
SPARE TICKET:  Has anyone got a spare ticket for the Weinberg lecture?  If 
so, please contact Pat O'Neill, tel. 028 (048 from ROI) 9028 0322, or 028  (048) 
9046 5580 (daytime), or mob: 0786 6413580 (N.I.), or pb.oneillntlworld.com 
Clear skies,
Terry Moseley


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