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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 20:25:11 EST
Subject: Bresser Binocs, LIDL

Hi all,
I've had several very positive reports on the Bresser binocs from LIDL, but  
also this from Mario di Maggio, ex Armagh Planetarium, now at Birmingham 
Science  Centre / Planetarium.
"Hi Terry,
Just a quick note about the LIDL binoculars. We purchased seven pairs  
yesterday, and after testing them here at work this morning, we found two have  
badly positioned lenses producing non-aligned images, and one is almost that  bad. 
In both of the bad pairs one of the large lenses is clearly sunk  in further 
in than the other.
Nonetheless, the other four pairs are fabulous and a real  bargain at only 
9.99 each! 
Thanks again for the heads up.
Looks like there may have been a bad batch. But when they are good, they  ARE 
good, so if you get a pair that isn't, don't hesitate to take it  back. I 
always do a quick test in the store before buying: that will at least  show any 
serious defects.
(How do they sell them there for 9.99????)
Clear skies,


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