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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 06:26:14 EST
Subject: LECTURE, LIDL Binocs

Hi all,
1. LECTURE. Just a reminder about the next IAA public lecture will be  by the 
very well-known amateur astronomer & ecdysiast (it's a long  story....), Mr 
John Flannery, of Nenagh and Dublin, on Wed 30th November,  at 7.30 p.m., at 
Stranmillis College, Stranmillis Road, Belfast. His  subject will be "Voyages to 
the Moon: 2000 years of Journeys to the Moon in  Legend and Science Fiction". 
Admission free, including light refreshments, as  always, and all are welcome.
2. There seems to be some confusion about the 10x50   Bresser binocs on 
special sale at LIDLs from Monday 28 Nov. On the UK  website, Irish website, and 
N.I. website, they are all described as being 10x50,  and indeed the 
illustration shows binocs that look like 10 x 50. But in their  leaflet, they are shown 
with 10x20 engraved on the binoc itself! Although once  again the actual photo 
looks like 10 x 50s, and the text says 10 x 50. So I  think they are 10x50 OK, 
but better check before you buy, just to be sure!
Clear skies,
Terry Moseley


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