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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 20:47:13 EST
Subject: Turkey Eclipse, Venus, Binocs, Faulkes Tel., Lecture

Hi all,
No, I wasn't abducted by Aliens..... They checked me out & decided  I would 
be too much trouble!  But I think that my mouse (no-legged variety)  might have 
been! To cut a long story short, mouse problems have had me out  of action 
for over a week now. It seems to be feeling better now....
1. TURKEY ECLIPSE TRIP: For all of you who are going on the IFAS Eclipse  
Trip to Turkey next March, you'll be glad to know that I had a very successful  
trip there earlier this month to select several good observing sites for the  
eclipse, check out the hotel, etc. My report is now on the IFAS website.
2. At long last Venus is now creeping up fairly well out of the evening  
twilight (it was a beautiful sight from the lower latitude of Turkey!). Although  
Greatest Western Elongation is now past (it was on Nov 3), it is still 
building  up to its greatest brilliancy of -4.6 in mid December. By then it will be 
fairly  well up in dark twilight: a really fantastic sight! In a telecope (or 
good  binoculars) it will show then as a thickish crescent of between 20% and 
25%  illumination. It will be prominent just before Xmas, and still very  
nearly as bright, so be prepared for the usual questions about 'The Star of  
3. Bargain Binocs: Lidl will be selling 10x50 binocs for £13.99 (€19.99 in  
ROI) as from next Monday (28 Nov). If these are the same quality as  the last 
offer, (the standard Meade 10x50s, which were  really excellent value at about 
£14 then), this is another offer that's  hard to beat!! They appear to have 
(see their UK website: www.Lidl.co.uk) BAK4 prisms 
(the  best), fully coated lenses, dioptre adjustment, rubber armoured body, 
case,  strap, caps & manufacturer's 5 year guarantee. It doesn't state the  field 
of view.  After the last such sale which I alerted you all too  (the Meade 
ones), I had one slightly dissatisfied client from Dublin, but  numerous highly 
delighted ones from all over Ireland. And I'm very pleased with  my own pair. 
Bresser have a reasonably good reputation, so these should be OK.  I'll try to 
test a pair as soon as they become available, & let you know,  but at that 
price they'll go like hot cakes! If you want a pair, be there when  the stores 
  N.B: In their UK website they are listed as "Bresser" (it  appears to be 
the same binocular) & they are being sold for £9.99 ! ! !  DISCRIMINATION!
   And I presume that their usual pre-Xmas offer of their  amazing-value 70mm 
refractor will be appearing soon after: watch this  space.
4.  Schools in Great Britain and Ireland will have free remote access  to the 
robotic Faulkes Telescopes. Telescope time will also be awarded to  amateur 
and professional astronomers who must involve school groups (e.g.  Transition 
Year pupils). For information see www.faulkes-telescope.com for this  exciting 
5. Prof Alan Fitzsimmons asked me to alert you to the following:
Public Lecture: "DEEP IMPACT", by Professor Mike F. A'Hearn, University of  
Maryland. 7:00pm, Wednesday 7th December,  Larmor Lecture Theatre, (Physics  
Building) Queen's University Belfast.
This summer the NASA Deep  Impact mission spectacularly achieved its primary 
goal of hitting comet Tempel 1  with a spacecraft at 22,000 mph. Prof. A'Hearn 
is the  Principal Investigator for Deep Impact, in charge of ensuring the 
mission  achieves its objectives. In this lecture Prof. A'Hearn will explain why 
the  mission was important, what happened during the encounter and what 
scientists  have learned so far.
This lecture will be free, but we expect  interest to be high, so admittance 
will be through registration with the  Department of Physics and Astronomy at 
Queen's University. If you wish to  attend this lecture, please register 
either via e-mail to  physicsqub.ac.uk, or by phone on 02890 973941, giving your 
name and the number  who wish to attend.

Clear Skies,
Terry Moseley


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