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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 15:49:53 EST
Subject: Dates confusion!,  TV, Lectures

Hi all,

1. Apologies for a mix-up re dates in my last email!  
Prof Bob Lambourne's lecture to the IAA at Stranmillis College, Belfast, is 
of course on Wed 30 March!  
   (I have the "29th" embedded in my brain at the moment, with all the 
planning for the eclipse next year!)
   Hope to see lots of you there for what promises to be a superb lecture.

2. TV:    Tue 29th March,   7.50pm, BBC4 TV: "A Short History of Nearly 
Everything" - adapted from Bill Bryson's bestseller.

3. EINSTEIN DAY: Fri., 8 April, The TCD Physics Department celebrates the 
International Year of Physics with EINSTEIN DAY in the Schrödinger Theatre. Some 
background in physics is necessary to understand these lectures.  See 
    11.15 Introduction, Prof. Dennis Weaire
    11.30 'The Photoelectric Effect - a 21st century experiment', Prof. Iggy 
    13.30 'Brownian Motion - proving the existence of molecules', Dr S 
    15.00 'Did Einstein deserve a Nobel Prize for Special Relativity?', Dr S 

4. PUBLIC LECTURE: Thur., 14 April, 6.30pm, Burke Theatre, TCD, Prof. Malcolm 
Longair, Director, Cavendish Laboratory on 'The Big Bang and its Aftermath'.
        See http://www.ria.ie/events/index.asp

Clear Skies,

Terry Moseley


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