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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 18:39:09 EDT
Subject: Meade Binocs in Lidls, IAA BBQ

Hi all,

1. If you missed the amazing bargain of the high quality Meade 10 x 50 binocs 
in Lidls a few months ago - they're back!
   They are available NOW in ROI at 19.99 euro, and will be available in N.I. 
from tomorrow, Thursday 16 June, for £13.99. 
    All reports on them so far have been good to very good! They are well 
made, with steady smooth focusing, fully coated lenses, BAK4 prisms, a nice wide 
field of view, tripod adaptor socket, case, strap, 4 lens covers, centre focus 
& individual dioptre adjustment, and a lightly rubbbered non-slip coating. 
What more could you want? And at that price??!!

2. Don't forget the IAA midsummer BBQ at Armagh Observatory on Sat 18 June. 
The activities start at 15.00, with tests of the new 'Human Orrery' (if you 
have a pocket tape measure, and a calculator - bring them!), a new free & easy 
competition with prizes, solar observing if clear (and maybe a hunt for Mercury 
in the daytime....). Light-up time will be about 17.00, with eating starting 
as soon as the food is done on the outside, and never mind what it's like on 
the inside, if you're hungry! But the cognoscenti will be patient, and wait a 
bit longer for it to be cooked right through. That way, you'll keep it down....
   As usual, admission is free - you just bring all your own stuff (food, 
drink, cutlery, plates, mugs/glasses, BBQ cooking tools if you have them, and a 
folding chair or two for luxury). And a telescope for observing the Sun if you 
have one.
   We'll supply the BBQ itself. And we'll even have a nice big gazebo if it 
should dare to try to rain! (We've never been rained off yet.....)
   If you haven't visited Armagh Observatory recently, you'll be amazed at 
all the new developments, although we may not be able to get inside some of the 
new facilities for Health & Safety reasons.

All are welcome: if you're not an IAA member you can come as a guest - and if 
you don't know anyone else, just email me back & you can come as mine!

Hope to see you there.

Clear skies (and good appetites)

Terry Moseley


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