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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 18:55:54 EDT
Subject: WWT BBQ, Google Moon, Shuttle Launch, Perseids, Address changes

Hi all,
1. Those lovely folks at WWT at Castle Espie, Comber, Co Down, have invited  
all IAA members (and friends) to their summer BBQ on Friday 29 July, at  7.30 
p.m. We have held many very successful observing evenings and Solar Days  
there over the years, and they would be delighted if we brought along a few  
telescopes for viewing the sky later if it's clear. It won't be an official IAA  
event, simply because the moon & planets are unobservable until very late,  and 
the twilight still lasts well into the evening, so the usual highlights are  
not available. But if it looks like being clear, bring along a portable scope 
or  at least good binocs. Admission is 2.50 (WWT members free): bring all your 
own  consumables, eating aids etc. There are picnic tables, but unless you're 
 there early it might be wise to bring a folding chair or stool  too. There 
will also be a 'bat-walk' at dusk. 

2. Have a look at this website for a different view: 
Troubleshooters may have found the cause of the fuel  sensor malfunction that 
grounded the shuttle Discovery last week. Additional  tests are planned, but 
the analysis to date, along with a proposed wiring  modification, prompted 
NASA managers to forego another fueling
test and to  press ahead instead for a launch attempt on Tuesday at 15.39 BST.
4. PERSEIDS BBQ's. Don't forget the IAA's two nights of Perseids Observing  + 
BBQ's! They will be held, weather permitting of course, on the two best 
nights  for the Perseid meteor shower: Thursday 11 and Friday 12 August, at the Big 
 Collin Picnic Site, on the B94 Ballyclare to Broughshane Road. Free, of 
course:  just bring your own food & drink etc, and your observing items - if 
you're  just going for meteors then a lounger, reclining chair, or even a 
groundsheet +  rug. Portable telescopes & binocs are welcome too of course, if you want 
to  do some general observing. More details later, but keep those two nights 
free  for some good food, good craic, & good observing (we hope!).
5. Finally, I have changed the way I address these emails. From now on, the  
primary, and only 'open' addressee, will be the IAA's own email address. All  
other addressees will be 'Blind Copies' (most of you already have been). In  
changing things round, I may accidentally have duplicated a few addresses,  so 
if you get two copies of this, let me know. I've also added a few new IAA  
   Of course, if you don't want to receive them, just email me  back & I'll 
remove your name.
Clear skies,
Terry Moseley


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