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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 19:18:41 EDT
Subject: TV Programmes, Planet of triple star?

Hi all,
TV PROGRAMMES: Some of these may be of interest, if you can get them:
Sunday 17th: 
BBC4, 7.40 p.m. "The Sky At Night", repeat of the programme on Deep Impact  & 
Comet Tempel 1.
Monday 18th: 
National Geographic Channel: 8 p.m.: "Paranormal", Astronomers,  
psychologists and a fungus expert put forward theories on UFO  sightings and 'alien 
abductions'. ((Repeated on Friday at 8 p.m.))
UKtv History channel: 9 p.m. & midnight "How the Earth was  created"
Tuesday 19th:
BBC2: "Mastermind". One of the subjects is "Astronomy with the nak -ed eye  
in Britain" - see how well you do! [I hope the hyphen beats the  net 
UKtv History: 9.00 a.m & 5.00 p.m. "How the Earth was created"  (repeat?)
Wednesday 20th:
National Geographic: 9.00 a.m., and 3.00 p.m. "Asteroid: The Doomsday  Rock". 
The threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth.
UKtv History: 9 p.m. & midnight: "Earth Story - The formation of  
Thursday 21st:
UKtv History: 7.00 a,.m,. & 1.00 p.m: To the Moon: Part one of two:  "Apollo 
RTE2 TV:  7.00pm: Nak -ed Science - mysteries of Stonehenge

Friday 22nd: 
UKtv History: 7.00 a,.m,. & 1.00 p.m: To the Moon: Part two of two  "Apollo 
An extrasolar planet orbiting in a three-star system has been  discovered in 
Cygnus by a planetary scientist at the California Institute  of Technology 
using the 10-meter Keck I telescope in Hawaii, it is claimed. The  planet is 
slightly larger than Jupiter and, given that it has to contend with  the 
gravitational pull of three bodies, promises to seriously challenge our  current 
understanding of how planets are formed. If it's confirmed, it will be  interesting 
to speculate on what sort of calendar any potential inhabitants of  such a 
system might have.....

Still no definite date for the Shuttle Launch - just keep an eye & ear  on 
the media!
Clear Skies,
Terry Moseley


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