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From: TerryMoselaol.com
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 08:28:43 EST
Subject: Party, TV,  Family Day, CSP, Comet

Hi all,

1. Don't forget the IAA New Year Party tonight at the Tudor Private Cinema. 
Details as before. If you haven't already booked a ticket, ring John Hall (028 
9083 3109) to see if there are any cancellations avaialble.

2.  TV. "Mission to Titan", ( Landing of Hugyens Probe) BBC2 Friday 14 Jan. 
11.30pm.-12.30am. (Thanks to Peter Paice for info)

3. The Irish Astronomical Association will be holding a special family 
Astronomy & Space event on Saturday 15 January at St Patrick's High School, 
Ballinderry Road, Lisburn, commencing at 09.45.
   This event is to bring the wonders of the universe to children & families, 
as well as the more dedicated amateur astronomers.
   We will have a mobile planetarium, displays and exhibitions, meteorites, a 
piece of the planet Mars, talks, telescopes & binoculars on display and some 
safe solar observing if the sky is clear.
   The IAA's own 'Ulsternaut', Mr Derek Heatly, who has flown to the edge of 
space, will be there to tell of his exploits & show a video of his flight.
   And for anyone who got a telescope for Christmas but can't quite work out 
how to use it, bring it along & we'll show you how!
   In the afternoon, we'll have a more advanced session, showing members & 
visitors how to use an ordinary digital camera to take amazing photos of the 
night sky, including deep sky objects, & the moon and planets.
   This event is for everyone, no matter how much, or how little, you know 
about space or astronomy!

4. Another reminder about the excellent Connaught Star Party, in Galway, on 
Sat 29 January. Visit: www.galwayastronomyclub.ie Last year's event 
was excellent: I'm sure that the next one will be just as good! More details 

5. Comet Machholz is now brighter than 4th magnitude, and has just passed 
close to the Pleiades (totally cloudy here last night!), but it will still be 
close enough for a nice photo tonight.

Clear Skies,


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